Plastic Batteries to Solve Storage Issue

Designed for large scale applications with regards to energy storage these batteries will cost less when put into commercial use. From MIT:A new type of battery made from electrically conductive polymers—basically plastic—could help make energy storage on the grid cheaper and more durable, enabling a greater use of renewable power.

The batteries, made by Boston-based startup PolyJoule, could offer a less expensive and longer-lasting alternative to lithium-ion batteries for storing electricity from intermittent sources like wind and solar.

The company is now revealing its first products. PolyJoule has built over 18,000 cells and installed a small pilot project using inexpensive, widely available materials.

The conductive polymers that PolyJoule uses in its battery electrodes replace the lithium and lead typically found in batteries. By using materials that can be easily created with widely available industrial chemicals, PolyJoule avoids the supply squeeze facing materials like lithium.…