Player takes biggest pay cut in NBA history to stay in LA

… doesn’t he know that everyone is leaving California because of housing costs and taxes? {LOL}

{{ When the playoffs were over, Westbrook had concluded the five-year, $205 million deal he originally signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2017 and entered the free agent market.

Westbrook enjoyed his time with the LA Clippers so much that he decided to re-sign with the Clippers — in the process taking the biggest pay cut in league history. Westbrook and the Clippers agreed to a two-year, $7.9 million deal on Saturday, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. After making almost $47 million last season, Westbrook’s new deal amounts to the biggest pay cut ever.}}

It’s great to be wealthy enough to do what you love.



Personally, I think Westbrook is a solid NBA player who can be the player that takes an already good team over the top. In LA with the Lakers, he did not fit in with Leflop and AD who were out 50% of the time with injuries. In Westbrook you get a player who will be there every day trying to win while playing through the common injuries all NBA players sustain.

Back in the old days the superstars played every game. The GOAT Michael Jordan played 9 seasons I believe without missing a game. Today, the superstars are always out ie Durant, James, Irving, AD, Zion, Kawhi, Ben Simmons, Paul George to name a few. These guys make tens of millions per year and miss 20 30 40 % of the season.

If you look at the two teams that played for the championship this year - Boston and Denver don’t have any of these prima donnas. Miami who played for the EAST championship also doesn’t have any of these…doc


In a league full of great athletes, Westbrook is a phenomenal athlete at the guard position. He just can’t shoot. Great rebounder, great defender, great in transition, but he cannot shoot from the outside, which is a big deal in todays NBA. But at the cost of the current contract, he is a good pickup. I think he’d mesh better with the Warriors, though, with those great shooters spreading the floor he would have carte blanche to go to the hoop, which is what he’s great at.

( to be honest, I only watched the playoffs last season, and did not see Westbrook play 1 time. So if he’s found a 3 point jump shot, disregard everything I just wrote, lol )

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I’m not sure he’s taking a pay cut to stay in California. He’s clearly taking a pay cut because he’s coming out of his prior long-term contract (which itself was a bit back-loaded to the final year), and at 34 is now one of the older players in the league. It’s not clear whether he could have gotten a significantly higher deal with any other team.