PLTR and current events

The major security incident at the Capitol in Washington, DC was a significant shock to the national psyche. I want to steer clear of politics, so I am choosing my words carefully here, and I would ask that those responding seek to do the same. I expect that we will see a significant increase in efforts on the part of state and federal law enforcement (LE) agencies to understand, monitor, and track members of the various organizations that took park. Those organizations have received far less attention from the LE community than organizations on the other end of the political spectrum, so in some sense LE is playing catch-up. Of all the companies we discuss on this board, I believe Palantir is likely to see the greatest benefit from the increased attention on domestic threats to the political system. I suggest we will see greater numbers of LE agencies using Palantir and heavier use among those agencies already using it. This will almost certainly include ingesting a lot of new data. The question to me is how these changes are likely to affect the company’s bottom line.


Dorset - Long PLTR ~1%


in terms of their top and bottom line, I feel they just get started, 19 days into 2021, they have already announced 4 deals , the network effect at commercial side has started to take off
some of the deals from their website…………