PN Latest

Published after market close today:
Patriot Underwriters Launches New Program for Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Policyholders in Assigned Risk Pools

“Our expertise in workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance has allowed us to develop a solution that improves the experience and outcomes for policyholders by giving them an alternative to state risk assigned pools,” said Steven M. Mariano, Chief Executive Officer of Patriot National. “We are pleased to bring to market additional value-added solutions that will benefit both existing and prospective clients.”

Glad to see someone is still working at PN and not just for the possible buyout by EBIX. I have no doubt PN created another value-added solution, but we’ll have to wait to see if there is any demand for their solutions.

Anyone know why EBIX took a nose dive -7% at opening today - still down 5.4% in two days?? They should be wrapping up the agreement very soon.