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AZ5Speedy - In case you are wanting a more detailed measure and any anecdotes, I previously mentioned that I had bought into Nutanix at the beginning of the month (after being on my wish list for about 6 months now - see monthly reviews); well I made a further top up after freeing up some cash from a sale today benefitting from the previous day’s pull back in the NTNX share price (and happening to benefit from the subsequent rally later in the day).

It probably now makes it into my top 10 holdings already (with an 8% gain behind it already) and I could imagine adding further. It competes with topping up intentions towards MELI, SHOP, TTD and Arista and an interest in establishing new holdings with IB and ALGN.

To a degree I have felt comfortable building a top 10 stake in reasonably record time because of 3 reasons:

  1. I have been following and feel onboard with the Nutanix journey for 6-12 months now
  2. Results have continued to shine on
  3. This and the NPI board have done a bang up job dissecting the merits of the company