Poll result: No politics on METAR, including international

As all METARs know, partisan political posts have been banned on this board for over 15 years. The rule has applied to U.S. politics. A poll confirms that this rule will be extended to international politics as well.

The questions was “Should all (including international) politics be banned from METAR?” The poll had 38 voters but two voted both “yes” and “no,” canceling their own votes. Omitting the canceled votes, 20 voted “yes” (56%) and 16 voted “no” (44%).

A clear majority voted to ban politics (including international) from METAR.

I strongly support this ban. I value the METAR Board as a source of useful economic and investment information. I remember only too well what a vituperative mess it became before the no-politics rule was established. I will continue to monitor the board as I have for over 15 years.

To be clear:
No partisan politics.
No mention of specific politicians, political parties or ideologies.
No mention of proposed legislation until it is actually signed into law since most never is passed so discussion is political.

If mention of a political party has DIRECT impact on investing (such as @Goofyhoofy’s recent post on the customer base for EVs which impacts marketing) it may stand. If it’s partisan it will be taken off.

Posts that are do not explain the direct impact on economics and investing must be marked “off-topic” (including discussion of foreign affairs) or they will be removed.