Poll: Taking some - BRK - money off the table?

One more (poll) please.

As the majority here seem to think we are

a) in an enduring bear market and
b) BRK will behave in line with the S&P

it’s interesting what consequences are drawn or not, whether you take some BRK money off the table, as it’s apparently as Jim puts it “not the worst of times” to do so.

  • I definitely won’t sell any BRK for a long time to come
  • BRK has to rise another 10+% before I might sell a single share
  • I will sell some, maybe up to 5% or so
  • I intend to sell a significant amount, up to maybe 25%
  • I see this as a unique opportunity and will sell even more than that

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The average SP500 stock has declined a lot compared to the Index, thanks to Apple. Now, if Apple take a hit, Index will go down, and I guess Berkshire will also take some hit. Probably the average sp500, QQQ, or fast growers may have done going down.

Also, if Berky stops the buybacks or meaningfully slows (as some/ many hear wants) it will be interesting to see how the price behaves. Remember investor confidence changes lot faster than fundamentals.

Just saying.