Poll: Will you buy UST over Berky?

Is there a level of 30 year US treasury rate that will make you buy UST over Berky?

  • Buy bonds @ 4%
  • Buy bonds @ 5%
  • buy bonds @ 7%
  • There is no interest rate that is going to make me buy bond over Berky

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buy UST over Berky

A larger determining factor would be current ‘Berky’ valuation to current UST rate.

I cannot imagine picking US Treasury Bonds over Berkshire Hathaway. I’d do it if today’s stock market bubbles remain intact in the face of the highest real yields since the early 1980s COMBINED WITH Berkshire Hathaway stock becoming a meme stock. However, this scenario is as likely as a Warren Buffett public service announcement promoting healthier eating habits.