Portfolio review - Dec 2024

I am keen to get any feedback/opinion/insights on my portfolio please. As I wanted to display quite a few pics and paragraphs of reasoning I have created a tiny website to display all this.

Please feel free to comment below, am keen to know what others have done differently and why.

Thanks in advance.


Nice site and summarization approach. My only comment involves Berkshire Hathaway. As I perceive it, current investing choices being made may already reflect maybe 50-60 percent influence from some of the new players that Buffet and Munger brought onboard in the last decade. As such, if you are comfortable with how the firm has operated over the past 3-5 years, I would not expect large deviations from that. The only other consideration unique to BRK involves tax planning implications of A versus B shares. Given the unwieldy price of A shares, it’s more difficult to reap a small amount of profits for living expenses.


An A share can be converted to 1500 Bs tax free.

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I think some brokerages support buying/selling fractional BRKA shares.

I had always thought the difference in voting rights resulted in them being treated as different, non-equatable instruments but you are correct.


Re: BRK shares, I have bought the B shares, so they are small enough to buy and sell easily for my modest portfolio.