Potential HIV pharma hit

I know this is not a mainstream area for Saul mode investing (leaving aside prior positions Saul had in Celgene and in Kite), but I found this article on SA interesting.


Has anyone else come across CytoDyn and Pro140 and does anyone think this is a massive growth opportunity?


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I struggle with biotech. It is out of my area of knowledge, so I can’t relate to it or personally evaluate the pros/cons. It makes me much more of a spectator, following with limited information. I want to be in biotech, to help moderate the sector focus my portfolio has on Internet hardware/software/services companies, but my accuracy on medical stocks stinks. But it seems like even the “experts” have poor accuracy in biotech, so maybe a basket approach would be better. Or just skip it and get more comfortable with the sector risk in being heavily weighted in what I know better.


even the “experts” have poor accuracy in biotech,
every drug company must think there is a decent chance their drug will be approved after ph I or II testing. Otherwise why spend the money for further testing? They know more about the drug than anyone else so are the real experts. Yet many drugs failing further trials. Some get past ph III trials but never sell well.