Power Rankings Top 25 Updated

Note 1) I am an amateur investor with a litter filled history of investing mistakes. What follows is simply the results of a process I go through to keep myself semi up-to- speed on investing stuff. It is intended for scouting purposes only and is not intended to be a smarty pants investing playbook (No gurus reside at the compound except maybe Kooba The Stock Dog who sadly passed away a couple of years back) nor a much accurate prediction of what may, or may not, happen at any given time. The stocks eliminated or not making the final rankings may do just as well or even better than the companies that make the ranking in any given week. Remember - never talk to strangers or make eye contact with lunatics - and for God’s sake do your own due diligence.

Note 2) While the Power Rankings Top 25 is generated using the utmost of higher research techniques, evaluating parameters and essential other things and stuff, we have come to realize/conclude that just as the College Basketball Top 25 rankings have a multitude of “voters” involved - that so too, the Power Ranking Top 25 should allow, and have additional clarifying input, from highly qualified investors. If you meet this criteria and would like to participate in voting for the rankings there will be some information following this weeks rankings.

There were a great many changes in the Power Rankings Top 25 this week. The ranking system evaluated 122 companies this week expanding its scope to include some companies that continuously fail the Revenue Growth Bar (RGB) established as an essential to rating Growth companies. However it should be pointed out that I eliminated them from consideration after they once again failed the RGB. A list of those companies with much too puny Revenue Growth follows:


Note 3) For transparency’s sake…other than elimination of companies for consideration based on the Revenue Growth Bar - there are some companies whereby the RGB rule is overruled, as it were, by my interest in the company. So theres that.

Note 4) It should be pointed out that there are certainly many good companies among the Dreadful Revenue and Earnings Growth Group (DREGGs) whose futures may not be all behind them. It could simply be that they are just pacing themselves - waiting to explode with higher Revenue Growth at any moment; however, since the Power Rankings Top 25 is built to identify the top performing…the most powerful… The Who’s Who… of investment Growth companies…well we just can’t give a trophy out to any old Tom and Paul company that wants to play…now can we? As a former President would say: It wouldn’t be prudent. And to make sure that the final rankings are entirely accurate I have invented the Entirely Never Wrong and Mostly Accurate Stock Swami machine (ENW -MASS) - or just Stock Swami for short.

Please don’t confuse the Stock Swami with this guy:

"The New Zealand resident and defamation defendant has claimed his 12-year training in a spiritual Ashram in New South Wales imbued a higher morality that led him to start calling out sharemarket shenanigans on Twitter as a self-styled swami or moral guru for investors and regulators. "

Now - on to this weeks rankings:

  1. ONON…252.25 Points


The company sells sports stuff.

On Holding held on to the top spot for the second week of the published rankings but please keep in mind, as folks commented last week, that their stuff sucks. Sure they sell a lot of it - but that doesn’t mean their stuff doesn’t suck.

Here is their last ER Press Release:

  1. LTH…241.17 Points

Life Time Group Holdings builds and operates upper scale sport/fitness centers - or something very similar to that. It was not ranked last week but while everyone else was crashing and burning last week LTH was up around 17% or so on the back of a really nice ER.

Press Release Here:

  1. ANET…240.30 Points

Arista Networks designs Cloud networking systems to anybody that will buy them. They were ranked 13th last week but zoomed up to #3 this week on the basis of being linked with AI and not losing their rear end last week like most other tracked companies did.

It helps that they issued Strong Guidance!!! after their last ER when everyone else (almost) has been tanking after providing really, really bad, rotten to the core, OMG type Guidance.

Here is the Press Release from their latest ER:

  1. TTD…238.55 Points


The Trade Desk has a platform ( Imagine that really nice deck you built in the backyard) that allows buyers of advertising to buy advertising.

Here is a recent quote on TTD from Bert:

“The Trade Desk is the leading Buy Side digital advertising platform. Its share gains have enabled the company to continue to grow when many other ad tech firms have no growth or are shrinking.”

Recent ER Press Release:

TTD was ranked 8th last week.

  1. MELI…237.07 Points

Mercadolibre is sort of like the eBay, Amazon and Shopify all rolled into one - and, they own South America and have successfully invaded Mexico. Their ace in the hole is not the eBay and Amazon stuff - its the financial/payment/loan network they have setup on a continent that only has a total of 17 people with bank accounts.

Recent ER Press Release:

MELI was ranked 5th last week.

  1. FND…236.31 Points

Floor and Decor has these really really big, giant, over sized warehouse type stores where people - regular everyday folks and contractors, can go to pick out flooring and stuff. Its like Disney World for flooring.

Recent ER Press Release:

Floor & Decor Holdings, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2022 Financial Results | Seeking Alpha

  1. ARRY…235.78 Points

ARRAY Tech has a system for eyeballing giant solar projects to make sure they are on the job and maximizing the solar energy that might be produced - or something like that. On their latest ER they actually Beat estimates for Revenue by over 10% - How bout that!

Recent ER Press Release:

  1. TGLS…234.76 Points

Tecnoglass designs and sells a lot of specially designed Thermo Glass - and, they appear to be beginning to dominate the glass specially designed Thermo Glass market. Doesn’t sound all that sexy but Rev Grow of just over 60% sure does.

Recent ER Press Release:

TGLS was ranked 2nd last week.

  1. AAON…234.31


AAON sells HVAC stuff and is evidently pretty good at it. Over the last year while our SaaS companies have had their rear ends handed to them these guys are up just over 95%! And Last QTRs Revenue Growth clocked in at over 86% YOY - an increase over the former QTRs puny Rev Grow of only 75% YOY.

Recent ER Press Release:

  1. AMD…234.28

Advanced Micro Devices produces little advanced micro stuff and is getting a lot of wind in its sails because it’s another semiconductor company linked to the AI revolution.

Recent ER Press Release:

AMD was ranked 18th last week.

  1. NVDA…234.02

NVIDIA does pretty much what AMD does only better in the eyes of investors.

Recent ER Press Release:

NVDA was ranked 11th last week.

  1. SMCI…233.02 Points

Super Duper Micro Computer butters their bread by developing and selling high performance server and storage stuff. While I keep trying to urge my SaaS stuff to go higher - at least for a little bit, SMCI is up over 145% in the last year producing Revenue Growth of over 53% YOY in their latest report.

Recent ER Press Release:

Was Ranked 6th Last Week.

  1. PERI…228.76 Points


Perion Networks is an Israeli company that does all sorts of Digital Advertising stuff. YOY Rev Grow came in at about 33% their latest report which represented their 5th QTR in a row of better than 30% growth.

Recent ER Press Release:

Was Ranked 3rd Last Week

  1. LULU…227.83 Points

LULU has been around a long long time. It’s doing well. On its latest ER it Beat by over $70M with YOY RG of 30%. You should think about it.

Latest ER Press Release:

LULU was unranked last week - shame on me.

  1. FOUR…227.21 Points

Shift4 Payments is yet another entrant into the payment software solutions game. Bert likes them and their YOY Revenue Growth was just over 34% on their last ER.

Latest ER Press Release:

Was Ranked 23 Last Week

  1. FTNT…226.31

Fortinet, Inc provides cybersecurity and other stuff. The company YOY Revenue Growth has been yoyoing (sp?) up and down around the 30% level every QTR since 2021: Hows that for stability?

Latest ER Press Release:

Was not ranked last week primarily due to me now including them at all. Looked at the chart (more on that later) and decided they deserved a shot.

  1. AXON…225.2

AXON Interprises sells Tasers, Cameras and Software. Shoulda bought the dang thing years ago. If you look at it’s chart… the little black squiggly line keeps going up and to the right. And on its most recent report company Revenue grew by over 54% YoY.

I contacted them once about developing a sort of lighter version of Taser that you could use on lazy employees -but they never called me back and the All-Too-Lovely threatened to sic the dogs on me.

Latest ER Press Release:

  1. HIMS…218.00 Points

These guys have been around since 2019 or so and uses a Telehealth hotline to connect folks to real physicians who listen their woes, pains and aches and then prescribe some stuff for them. In their most recent Quarterly report they featured just over 97% Rev Gro YOY and then topped it off with good Guidance.

Latest ER Press Release:

Was ranked 9th Last Week

  1. NFLX…215.95 Points

Everyone knows what NFLX does. Their 4/18 ER report featured a puny little Revenue Growth rate of 3.73%. I have a little 3yo niece with one of those electric Barbi cars that goes faster than that. So why are they ranked? Well because of their recent announcement that they are going to crackdown on shared passwords and are also going to implement a streaming AD tier. Could add billions to the bottom line - or something like that.

Not Ranked Last Week and Won’t be Ranked Next Week.

19). HUBS…212.52 Points


Cloud Based something or other CRM oriented that they do pretty well. Have held up exceptionally well during the Tech sell-off and are still positive over the last year. Most recent ER featured YOY Revenue Growth of 27% or so and provided for GOOD GUIDANCE: How about that - which is why they are ranked.

Latest ER Press Release:

Ranked 14 Last Week

20). DV…209.55 Points

DoubleVerify has a software platform that measures stuff at least twice for Digital Media type folks. The company stock price has held up very well during the Great Tech Meltdown (GTM) and featured YOY Revenue Growth of just over 26% in its latest report.

Latest ER Press Release:

  1. ASML…207.87

ASML Holdings “sells advanced semiconductor equipment systems” and is in the giant Whale company category with a Market Cap of around $250B, give or take. The made this list on the back of their recent ER that featured Revenue Growth of over 92% YOY - which, only added fuel to the fire of the great AI related gold rush.

Latest ER Press Release:

  1. TTWO…206.57

Take Two Interactive Software is a company I’ve tried to ignore for years despite it being a Fool recommendation that they thought pretty highly of. Have no idea if its still on their list or not and much to lazy to go check. Here is what they do:

"… develops, publishes, and markets interactive entertainment solutions for consumers worldwide. "

The company bottomed in November at around $94 but their squiggly line has been all up and to the right since - which, includes three QTRS of escalating Revenue Growth. (Their latest YOY RG number was 59.6% - and we all can agree that that ain’t too shabby!

Latest ER Press Release:

Not Ranked Last Week

  1. SHOP…203.40

SHOP has long since left the Feeding Frenzy Hot Stock of The Moment category but has put up some really stable numbers. For example since October of 2022 the company has gained somewhere around 41% while a great many of the stocks stuffed into my portfolio has done well to hold their heads above water. Ask yourself which you would rather have been invested in: Stocks that lost their rear-ends - or - a more reliable company that gained 41%? Even my cousin Donald could perhaps answer that question.

Latest ER Press Release:

Shop was ranked just outside the Top 25 last week at number 26.

  1. AVAV…202.59

AeroVironment “designs, develops, produces, delivers, and supports a portfolio of robotic systems and related services for government agencies and businesses in the United States and internationally. It operates through four segments: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Tactical Missile System (TMS), Medium Unmanned Aircraft Systems (MUAS), and High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite Systems (HAPS). The company supplies UAS, TMS, unmanned ground vehicle, and related services primarily to organizations within the U.S. Department of Defense and to international allied governments. It also designs, engineers, tools, and manufactures”. And they are evidently fairly good at it.

The stock is volatile and the company revenue is choppy to really choppy; however, their most recent report featured just over 49% Revenue Growth YOY. During the quarter RPO basically doubled: the stock went up about 18% from there but has come down since. Might be worth a Scout Team look-see. Might Not

Was ranked 25th last week.

  1. MPWR…200.93

Monolithic Power Systems is in the semiconductor business. It’s latest report featured 36.7% YOY Revenue Growth. The stock price peaked in February 15 at about $530 and has been either trending down to build what the pros call a Cup With Handle or - its simply going down. Either way it accumulated enough Power Ranking points to edge SEDG for #25

Latest ER Press Release:

Unranked Last Week

Companies that Dropped Out of the Rankings:

IOT - Poor weekly performance
ENPH - Screwed the pooch ER
NXT - weakening of new kid on the block IPO syndrome
DT - have no idea why.
PI - See Enph

High Honorable Mention


Almost Final Note: The Power Rankings are not intended to represent any sort of Buy list nor investing recommendations. If useful at all, the Rankings merely represent a list of stocks that one might want to perform their very own research on (or not).

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