Prescription Drug Coverage

Hi guys. I am looking for different prescription drug coverage. Mine has been with Mutual of Omaha and they have notified me it is going from $35 per month to $99 per month. So, I am looking to find a better deal. Unfortunately I have one tiny prescription that nobody seems to cover, and so have prescription drug coverage is just in case I have some big medical change in my life. Thanks for any suggestions, if you have been happy with yours. I am in Florida, in case that matters…


Have you asked your physician for alternatives?

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If it is not covered by any Part D insurer (I had one drug that also was not covered by any insurer), then see if there are alternatives (as mentioned above) or if you can buy it at a lower price from sources such as non-US pharmacies, etc.

Many Medicare Advantage plans cover prescriptions. Often with no additional premium. And with no deductibles. I use AARP United Heathcare HMO. So far excellent coverage.

Just because they cover prescriptions does not mean they cover your specific drugs (or brand of drug). Been there many times. Had one cheap prescription drug no plan covered. Have also had Advantage plans that listed the WRONG drug as being covered (took a bit for them to figure it out).


Indeed, your mileage may vary. These are only suggestions for things to look into. You still must do your own research (or find someone to do it for you.