Price over 20 EMA's

Price over 20 EMA’s as possible canditates.

To make a fast buck. For sidebar actin, I buy stocks that cross the 20 ema line heading North. I get an email summary message every morning just after the bell plus or minus 120 shown below.

Going to creatae the IBD-50 and IBD-BIG CAP-20 per week of April 15th, 2024 weekend IBD newspaper. I cancelled IBD membership around the late 90’s. Wasn’t making much money. Switched to Seasonality monthly Trading - switched to creating Simon Sez & Co very successfully.

Or ran the scan tthis morning. I found 50 canidates to peruse through.

Choices are to buy at the xover and hit for a few bux or let it ride to the Finish LIne or be a HODler and wait until the Red bar crosses back down over the 20 EMA. There will be some winna winna chicken dinners or some losses.

Stockchart sscan

// Scan 60 - 20ema - when price crosses UP and over the 20ema

[type = stock] AND [COUNTRY = US]
//and [SCTR > 90]
AND [Daily Volume > 500000]
AND [Daily Close > 10] //equals greater tthan $10.00.
and [Yesterdays close <= Yesterdays EMA(20)]
and [Todays close > Todays EMA(20)]

The Inverse

//Scan 61 -20 ema price crossover Down
[type = stock] AND [COUNTRY = US]
//and [SCTR > 90]
AND [Daily Volume > 500000]
AND [Daily Close > 10]
and[Yesterdays close >= Yesterdays EMA(20)]
and [Todays close < Todays EMA(20)]
//and [favorites list is 81] // A 20 over ema

155 of your 200 advanced scans - Your Scans |

or run

//Scan 19C -20/200 EMA Bullish crossover

[type = stock] AND [country = US] AND [Daily EMA(20,Daily Volume) > 500000]

//and [SCTR > 90]
AND [Daily EMA(20,Daily Close) > 10]
AND [Daily EMA(20,Daily Close) crosses Daily EMA(200,Daily Close)]

// Bullish 20/200 crossover

[type = stock] and [country = US]
//and [SCTR > 90]
and [Daily EMA(20,Daily Volume) > 500000]
and [today’s ema(20,close) > today’s ema(200,close) ]
and [yesterday’s ema(20,close) <= yesterday’s ema(200,close)]
and [close > 10]

found none today. 4/18/24.
The above does not work for HODLers (hanging on for dear life).
Price over 20 ema.

20 xover 200

current holding ror META - up $ 10.82 - 2.18%
total returns - - total profits - average %
| $869,984.58 | $57,812.33 | 8.00%|

Quill - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader
- Vision - Billionaire - Goal - earn 1.5 to 2.5% daily compounded.

re: Forbes April / May 2024 page 72


It requires a subscription to run custom scans at StockChart, right? But some decent enough scans based on technicals can be run at Schwab and Finviz. Also, StockAnalyze can run scans based on their canned trading systems or any you create. In short, finding stock tips/ETFs tips isn’t the problem. The problem is vetting those tips and then sizing a prudent position.


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@Quillnpenn I am still very confused about your approaches. You made $25 million with Simon Sez and said it was so easy a 6-year old could to it, why do you keep looking for new schemes. What could possibly be better than that?



Let me jump in on this, because I’ve been swapping emails and ideas with Quill for a long time. Like all the trading greats, he strives to get better. Hence, he never stops looking for and testing new approaches.

He’s East Coast. I’m West Coast. But many a time when it’s already my bed time here, I’ll get an email from him about something to which I’ll always reply, “What are you doing still awake at this late hour?” I don’t know anyone who has a more sustained and focused work ethic.

He lives and breathes trading the way some people live and breathe rock climbing, and for some of the same reasons. Even more commendable, he’s willing to share what he knows with anyone he encounters in his daily life.



I could be wrong with a typo error, but I was talking about 6th graders and today the kids are now in the 10th grade.
The Charts show from Stockcharts I call them Silent charts and they speak volumes of words with just a blink of an eye ( 300 Nano seconds).
No noise , no chatter. Please re-read the rules slowly.
I like to use the Thoroughbred Horse Racing analogy. Buy at the starting gate and sell at the Finish line. The Gate is the Price label, the first Green bar after the gate is the buy signal. The Finish line is the first bar after the posted label at the top.
Most charts today don’t post the price labels and if a person who read 1000’s of charts can spot the starting gate and the Finish line plus or minus a bar. I study the SPDR charts and matrix for my wifes account. I just loaded the IBD-50 and IBD 20 and use the Flip charts for speed reading with a click of the mouse. I also us the 6P’s approach.
Proper Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance.

I am trying to find one more Simon Sez essay loaded with charts showing 13 over 50 ema’s. When I find it, I’ll re post it.



You’ve been sharing Simon Sez approach for sometime. I haven’t really tried it so can’t personally testify one way or another. I have had my doubts especially since the signals repaint. However, there has been a lot of others who have posted questions and seem to have been trying to duplicate your approach. I am curious how they have done.

Any folks out there who have made a serious study and attempt to duplicate Simon Sez willing to share how things have gone? Does it always work for you? Do you have a select group of stocks you do with it? Just curious and hope it’s been successful.




I trade a version of Quill’s Simple Simon Systems, which is just a family of trend-following, break-out systems. When I can find a good setup, I make money. But I’m not willing to put in the hours he does looking for those setups.

If you want a nearly sure-fire system, talk to my daughter. Over a nine-month period, she did 90 trades in her Schwab IRA, 89 of them winners. The one loser was because she misread something.

Why do some traders succeed and others fail? It’s not because they have a system that works and that might be learned by others. It’s because they ARE the system. It’s their instincts and judgment that get them into and out of trades and let them pull more money out of markets than they bring to it.

Can trading/investing be taught? A lot of people think so. I don’t. It’s a gift that one is born with, the same way that some people excel at music while most of us can barely carry a tune.


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