Printer toner ripoff

I have a Brother printer. Why does the toner message say it needs more toner and then actually causes the printer to stop working, until you replace the toner cartridge, when there is plenty of toner left? Do they do this on purpose to make more money on people buying more toner when they don’t need it? This should be illegal and it is certainly unethical.

I found a way to reset the the “count” on my toner cartridge and my toner has been lasting MONTHS (5 so far) longer. It’s still going strong. I have no way of knowing how many pages that is, but it’s plenty. I don’t use the printer a TON but I use it regularly.

Brother, you should be ashamed of ripping off your customers. We are the reason you are in business, and you treat us this way? Someone should do a class action suit against you!


I wish I could find a way to make HP ink cartridges last longer. The boss is into needlepoint, crafting, cross-stitch, you name it and she prints a lot of “stuff”.

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Google it. That’s how I found the Brother way to do so.


Not sure why your brother laser is locking you out… I’ve an all in one brother, HL-L2395DW, and have used 3rd party toner carts as soon as the OEM ran out…

I gave up on inkjets quite a while ago, if not used daily, they dried, clogged, and used their ink supplies to flush the jets, I took an Epson apart after I gave up on it, inside was an absorbing block, 3"x6"x10" saturated with all the “clean your head” ink! Final straw… Costs of a color laser at the time couldn’t be justified, still can’t really…

Hopefully you can find a fix…

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I switched to an Epson with refillable tanks a few years ago. No problems. And actually see when I’m getting low before the printer sends a warning message.

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Can you tell me exactly what printer this is? Maybe an Amazon link?

Is the Epson an inkjet, not toner? It seems like inkjet is for if you need color, no? For just B&W, isn’t toner a lot cheaper?

I’m looking at new printers myself right now and a “desktop support” IT pro at work always recommends toner printers (e.g. laserjet types) over inkjet printers, especially if you are printing docs intermittently. Liquid inks tend to dry out over a relatively short period, whereas powdered ink does not (definitionally). They last longer and often produce better results with crispness and less smearing.



My HP ENVY 5660 is a “Thermal Inkjet” which uses powdered toner cartridges, and the toner is heated to a liquid state before being sprayed on the paper. The toner itself doesn’t dry out, but the jet nozzles can still get clogged.

See Thermal Inkjet vs. Inkjet Printers—Which Do You Need, and What’s the D – InkJet, Inc.

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[quote=“RBMunkin, post:6, topic:104178”]
Can you tell me exactly what printer this is? Maybe an Amazon link?

Here is a link to one very similar to what I have. It has been a little over 2 years with no issues. I print something about once a week, never had an issue with ink drying out. No issues with print quality, i.e., smearing ink. I wouldn’t even qualify my usage as a home office, I’m not scanning/printing every day but it gets the job done. Wife does like the Wifi connection so she can bring things from her iPad. If I had paid closer attention, would have bought one with an ether net connection, mine is Wifi only and sometimes can be a little slow if printing more than 5 pages at a time.