PSIX might be an opportunity?

Hi all,

With the drop in oil prices, it looks like PSIX has also taken a big hit. It’s down some 20% today … this could be a good entry point. A summary from the last conference call can be found here:…

I sold my poorly performing RAX position and added to PSIX.



I had the following in my notes from Q3 earnings:
Overall though, I like how these guys are running the business. They are growing it well, focusing on profitability, building one market opportunity at a time. They sounded very confident in the conference call. In the next 3-5 years they are expecting to cross over $1B in sales. So far, I think the execution is great and management has a lot of skin in the game. The stock though appears to be on the expensive side. I would need it to be in the PEG ratio of 1.5 or less to add to my position. I will continue holding on to my modest position but I ‘m not adding to my position at these prices.
** I would add around the $50 to $55 mark if the stock gets there sometime before the next earnings announcement.**

This is what prompted me to add to this position … essentially it was a stick to my plan action item.