Pure Storage - Additional Evaluation

I’ll second what you said. Brand loyalty runs deep and wide within enterprise IT shops. As an enterprise architect I sat on a couple of different IT standards boards (both were software categories, I was not a hardware guy).

You would not believe the furor that arose when we decided to standardise a new DBMS vendor due to both cost and performance considerations. The old guard (which consisted of people of all ages) went berserk. Most of the resistance was born of learning curve issues, but it was often couched as technical issues which were simply incorrect. We (that is the standards board and an array of very smart technical folks) had done our homework. While we had the facts and data they were simply denied by the conservative forces resisting change.

Investing is a lot more fun and profitable than arguing with unreasonable people with their own set of “facts.”


Some shares just traded at $19.76, are you still adding?

Yeh - need to hook up and get on line but will be!

How often have we gone to a site only to find it down. It can days, but usually hours, of downtime to restore data in the data center. With PSTG, using FireBlade, it occurs almost instantaneously.

This is a second use case for FireBlade beyond just AI

Tinker, thanks for the mention but I think you meant Flash Blade