Purecycle competitor?

I swore that the company Purecycle had been discussed in a standalone way on this board, but maybe it is just in people’s updates?

Anyway, I happened across a video that is about a company aiming at the same market. Watching this video made me realize you don’t want to take plastic and melt it down to plastic. They appear to be aiming to make oil again from the plastics. Interesting.

So, it seems there are others working on this problem so wanted to present it to the group.

The Plastic Waste Problem - FINALLY a Solution??


Our technology platform transforms waste plastics into 21st-century resources for the circular economy that recovers, regenerates, and reuses materials rather than discard them.

They seem to have started as a waste oil refiner that figured same process could be used for plastics.


I was the one that was in PureCycle for awhile. Their first plant in Ironton, OH was supposed to open at the end of 2022, missed that deadline, which then triggered a bunch of other missed dates and they had to return to their bondholders–and I stayed in through that first round.

But then they missed again and the plant has still not met it’s production mandate. I got out of it about this time last year.

It’s been my busiest time of year…still haven’t even done my monthly update (or filed my taxes), but I’ll take a look. Plastics are a huge issue for the planet and the right company could do well.