Putin's phone call to Macron

Thu 3 Mar 2022

Vladimir Putin has told Emmanuel Macron that Kyiv’s “refusal to accept Russia’s conditions” means he will continue to pursue his war in Ukraine, the Élysée palace has said, adding: “We expect the worst is yet to come.”

Putin – who initiated the call – repeated that Moscow’s objective was the “neutralisation, demilitarisation and de-nazification” of Ukraine, the official said, adding that Moscow aimed to take “full control” of the country by diplomatic or military means.

Macron had responded that Putin was making a “major mistake” that would cost Russia dearly over the long term. “There was nothing in what President Putin said to reassure us,” the official said. Macron had told the Russian president he was “lying to himself” and his country would end up “isolated, weakened and under sanctions for a very long time”.