Expectations? Anything of particular note you’ll be looking out for? Wish lists?

Anything of particular note you’ll be looking out for?

I’m OK if profitability in some places has some squiggles.
What I’m hoping to see is very strong top line growth within the bulk of the segments…a measure of pricing power versus inflation.
Any place it’s weak, I want to hear that it’s entirely due to supply constraints.
I usually look only at trailing four quarters versus trailing four quarters a year earlier, but I’ll be watching year-on-year for the quarter as well.

Q2 is the quarter requiring the least seasonal adjustment, so the quarterly operating earnings (excluding underwriting) will be a guide to earning power that isn’t as terrible as it usually is.



I’ll be trying to avoid all sensational media coverage lamenting the fall in profit due to…


Unrealised losses from changes in mark to market equity portfolio.

Will be interested in:
. Underwriting
. Progress on the allocation of the cash pile (or maybe this is already known?)
. Profitably across the range of subsidiaries
. Any new information

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I’m not expecting big things for Q2. Gains from operating earnings and from CVX and OXY may not offset the loss from AAPL. Stock repurchases may be lower in number than in recent quarters, as BRK’s stock price was elevated in April.

Q3, on the other hand, is looking pretty good so far. AAPL stock is up 19%, which is good for book value, and BRK-A stock has been in the low $400K’s, which is good for repurchases.

We’ll see tomorrow.