While we’re swapping “hot stock tips”, permit me --if you would-- to suggest QRTEP.

But first read BarChart’s take on the common (which I wouldn’t mess with), as well as grab some info on the company from whatever fundie site you trust. (I favor Simply Wall Street, but WallStreetZen is good, too.) Then run QRTEP’s specifics --found at Quantum Online or StockMarket MBA-- through whatever spreadsheet you’ve written to calc yields and make a decision to buy, or stand aside. (If the call in '27 happens, then these seem to be the numbers: CY, 9.82%. YTC, 12.82%. If the issue matures in '31, then CY, 9.82%, and YTM, 11.34%.)

Full disclosure. I was already long one share and just added another. The bid/ask is 81.21x50, with a last of 81.45. I tried splitting the spread, but didn’t get fill, so hit the last and got a prompt fill, suggesting a lower price might be obtainable. This is a POS. Don’t bet the farm.