Question about AI

I was curious about AI and how it is being used in the culture (and thus thinking about its investment potential).

One thing I have noticed is, articles I’ve read over the last year - even before the explosion of AI-related news the last several months - seem to be written in very odd, stilted styles. The articles I mean are the ones usually about entertainment topics, in particular older ones, that appear on my browser’s starting page. They just read so weird, yet for the most part, are grammatically correct and, simply, readable. But it’s as if the authors are eighth-graders trying to hit a required word count.

Are these most likely AI-written? And I should mention too that the author credits sound made-up at times, really seem like pen names.

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AI is permeating everything. This morning I noticed that the Bing site has gone full fledge AI. You sign in and get the full Microsoft AI experience. I’m sure they collect everything you look at so while AI may have some positives, I’m guessing its going to be more intrusive as well…doc

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Microsoft is also adding AI to Office 365. But this is noting new for Microsoft. Remember when Word would decide you were writing a memo and force you to use their memo format.

More of the same, just wider range. Will it be a useful tool or a PIA?