Question about dollar-cost-average

Since one can buy fractional shares and there are no more commissions, if I say want to invest $25 a week in a stock, is it better for me to buy every trading day $5 worth or should I do it all at once? I am assuming exposure to more prices might take advantage of volatility? Is there any research on this? Thanks.

Hi @esxokm,

If you are doing this every week, I would just make one purchase with the full amount.

Buy something else next week and repeat through all of your positions that you want to add to.

Then back to the first one …

Doing a $5 every day would just be a waste of time, IMO.

Does that help you?

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Sorry getting back to the thread just now…still not fully used to the new board. Thanks for the reply Gene, and yes, that does make sense about the time-waste aspect…I appreciate the advice and will stick to the smaller frequency/larger purchases.