Question about Snowflake's revenue guidance

As I’ve been going back through my stock spreadsheets to look over the numbers of my companies, I was reminded that I’ve never been able to find a total revenue guidance figure for snowflake (they seem to only report guidance for product revenue each quarter). I looked through the transcript, presentation, and many of their other files on the IR pages and did not see it anywhere. I even reached out to IR asking them if they’ve published guidance of this sort in the past and they unhelpfully told me they’re in quiet period (which my question shouldn’t violate anyways!). So perhaps I’m blind and missing something everyone else here has found with ease, but could someone shoot me a quick message just to let me know where I can find a total quarterly revenue guidance and not just the product revenue guidance? And if they don’t report it, would love to know that too!

For ease of access, here is a link to their ir page containing the documents released from their most recent quarter:…



SNOW guides for Product Revenue, but Product Revenue has been around 93% (with some slight fluctuation) of the total. For me this is fine since Other Revenue doesn’t fluctuate wildly. Management also said on the Q3 conference call that they try to guide and then beat by 5-7%. So we can estimate that with $350M Product Revenue guidance for Q4, you can add 6% to get $371M for Product Revenue which should be about 93% of the total revenue. Given this, I’d expect about $399M which would deliver 109% y/y growth compared to the prior Q4.