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Village Farms pushed its earning release and its conference call back two weeks. The announcement explained that they needed more time the integrate the earnings with Pure Sun Farms. (The joint venture with cannibus)

This would not normally bother me, its new, its moving fast, its a small company. However, there was a tornado in Texas some years back. It took out one of the green houses. The management of Village Farms did not have the insurance that the management thought they had.

This gives me the quesy feeling that the contract they have with Pure Sun Farms is not the contract they thought they had.



Over reacting?


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Note: I was told a while back that they were going to try for mid March, so this may
mean nothing at all.


Sure you have already read this but I am wondering what a few years back(tornado) has to do with any contract? Not sure I understand…as this is more up to date…

Its all damn risky though regardless.

About Village Farms’ Joint Venture for Cannabis Production

In June 2017, Village Farms formed a joint venture, Pure Sunfarms Corp. (50% owned by each of Village Farms and its partner) for large-scale, low-cost, high quality cannabis production. Under the terms of the joint venture agreement, Village Farms initially contributed a 1.1 million square foot (25-acre) greenhouse facility in Delta, BC, (the “Delta 3 greenhouse”) which will be converted to ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) compliant production and, if permitted by applicable law, production for the nontherapeutic adult-use market. Village Farms’ partner is contributing an aggregate of $20 million in cash to fund the conversion of the Delta 3 greenhouse.

On September 14, 2017, the application for a “second site” cultivation license under the ACMPR for the Delta 3 greenhouse was submitted to Health Canada and the application was subsequently accepted for review by Health Canada on September 18, 2017. Subsequent to acceptance of the application, Pure Sunfarms commenced physical conversion of the 1.1 million square foot greenhouse facility in Delta, British Columbia and expects to complete conversion of the first 250,000 square foot quadrant in February 2018 such that, subject to the receipt of cultivation and sales licenses from Health Canada, it expects to begin selling dried cannabis on or before July 2018 and to have all four quadrants commercially producing in the fourth quarter of 2019. Pure Sunfarms conservatively forecasts annual production from the initial 1.1 million square foot greenhouse in Delta to be a minimum of 75,000 kg of dried cannabis, which it expects to achieve in 2020, and a cost of production (including depreciation) at full production of less than $1.00 per gram.

I am probably just freaking out. What I am questioning is the ability of management to read a contract.


Sell out and buy some Nvidia? :slight_smile: Only half joking. You could sell some or all and wait and see. It’s unlikely to jump up tremendously on its earnings report.

When I google VFFIF, I get a bunch of hits for FFIV (F5 Networks), which is a pretty sound company. Maybe buy that AND Nvidia?

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Consider the possibility that the people who can answer your question are not allowed to do so. If they answer, they can be accused of insider trading, and fined.

You are into typical investment risk; dealing with the unknown and trying to read tea leaves and guess right. The people who know aren’t talking. The rest don’t know more than you do.

If you are losing sleep over this one, consider that this stock is not right for your temperament. Could be better to find one more in tune with your expectations.


I am probably just freaking out.
Weed does tend to create paranoia in some folks, I hear.