Quick Observation On Sector Rotations

This week, just by arranging a daily table of charts for upgrades to BUY or Initiations of Coverage With a BUY by Analysts, I have observed the most BUYS issued for stocks in the following sectors:

  1. Biotech
  2. Energy
  3. Specialty REITs in recession resistant areas
  4. Shipping

I’ll start posting these quick observations on Fridays, end of week.

Loads of these “BUYS” are breaking out on daily charts after having fallen 50-90% or more (think Biotech). Anyway, may this observation be backed up by you if you are thinking about buying something in these four sectors, just surf this week’s Upgrades/Downgrades :+1::-1:, then if a chart interests you, go off and do some F/A, maybe dig up a report of the upgrade or initiation.

Some of these analysts I’m beginning to note. Whether their picks are better than other analysts, we’ll just have to see which names come up time and again on the “winners.”