Railroads--California: Require locomotives newer than 2001 unless modified for zero emissions


"regulation would prohibit the operation of locomotives in California that are more than 23 years older than their original manufacture date unless they operate in a zero-emissions configuration, a technology not commercially available today, the senators wrote.

“The regulation also calls on railroads to deposit funds into spending accounts to be used to purchase new zero-emissions locomotives or invest in demonstration projects associated with zero-emissions locomotives.”

“In order for the regulation to take effect, the EPA must grant a waiver from the federal Clean Air Act.”

Senators oppose approval. Costly for short line railroads.


It is time to start making railroads cleanup their dirty emissions which effect the millions of poor people who live within the areas of railroads. We got rid of coal fired locomotives and we now need to get rid of OLD dirty diesel locomotives with new technology. I expect the public to tell their Senators they want cleaner and safer railroads - to hell with railroad tycoons.


The two companies likely to benefit are Westinghouse Air Brake (aka Wabtec, ticker WAB) and Caterpillar. Wabtec bought GEs industry leading locomotive manufacturing business. It is doing very well. Just reported earnings.

The leader used to be EMD Electromotive Division of GM. But GM got behind during the bankruptcy chaos. The business ended up with Caterpillar. CAT too is doing very well.