Recent BCC Signals 2022-12-09

Here are the recent Bear Catcher Combined signals as taken from GTR1 using GTR1 Helper 4.5. The complete set of signals may be found by running GTR1 with the BCC url: GTR1 Backtester
Launch the url, take the option for Detailed Report and check the box for Signal Values. Finally, click “Run Backtest” and then download the report.


  Date    Signal   SMA    NH/NL  DBE
20221209    0      Bear   Bear   Bear
20220822    0      Bear   Bear   Bear
20220805    2      Bear   Bull   Bear
20220525    0      Bear   Bear   Bear
20220428    4      Bear   Bear   Bull
20220331    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20220324    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20211118    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20211013    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20211004    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20210825    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20210817    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20210721    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20210716    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20201103    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20201030    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20200930    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20200923    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20200720    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20200710    3      Bull   Bull   Bear
20200528    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20200417    6      Bear   Bull   Bull
20200316    4      Bear   Bear   Bull
20200225    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20200204    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20200131    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20191125    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20191120    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20191119    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20191118    5      Bull   Bear   Bull

Hi Larry. Is the table of signals that you show on your post somewhere in the report that is downloaded or do you generate it yourself? I don’t see it the way I’m running the report. Thanks.

No. The report you get from the backtester shows way more data than what my weekly report shows. I use the Bear Catchers option in my program GTR1 Helper against that downloaded report to pull out the data for the report I post each week. If you look at the very last line in the big report downloaded from GTR1 you will actually see the data that my report shows in the first line.