Reconductoring to increase electric grid capacity

The U.S. Urgently Needs a Bigger Grid. Here’s a Fast Solution.

A rarely used technique to upgrade old power lines could play a big role in fixing one of the largest obstacles facing clean energy, two reports found.

By Brad Plumer, The New York Times, April 9, 2024

Replacing existing power lines with cables made from state-of-the-art materials could roughly double the capacity of the electric grid in many parts of the country, making room for much more wind and solar power.

This technique, known as “advanced reconductoring,” is widely used in other countries. But many U.S. utilities have been slow to embrace it because of their unfamiliarity with the technology as well as regulatory and bureaucratic hurdles…

Today, most power lines consist of steel cores surrounded by strands of aluminum, a design that’s been around for a century. In the 2000s, several companies developed cables that used smaller, lighter cores such as carbon fiber and that could hold more aluminum. These advanced cables can carry up to twice as much current as older models…In many places, upgrading power lines with advanced conductors could nearly double the capacity of existing transmission corridors at less than half the cost of building new lines… [end quote]

The rest of the article describes challenges to actually getting the reconductoring done in the U.S.

If it finally does happen, 3M may benefit since it manufactures the the 3M Composite Conductor. Of course, 3M has many products but widespread adoption of the technology could be significant.

Companies that install power lines could also benefit.

But this will probably take a while to be adopted.


Interesting how journalists steal an older story. From six weeks ago (hat tip to waterfall):



You mean an MBA might not be an engineer? Pay him more. If the MBA is a woman will she be on automatic layoff? The way things work…

@Leap1 what the heck??? This makes me wonder about the way your brain works.


Didn’t this get discussed recently?

Found it:



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It was a joke not too far detached from reality.

Have you noticed the vitriol against women CEOs? News agencies reporting every little pimple a woman CEO has? Yet hundreds of male counterparts go unknown to the public. Even when their companies throw off toxic waste, pollution or radiation into the environment?

How many males have bankrupted companies? Often unknown CEOs. If a woman breaths on a major company as CEO the bankruptcy watch starts.

Are you trying to say women get a fair shake? Scratching my head at what you are implying.

@WendyBG What the heck do you think is going on?

However, Fortune’s findings also align with those of a 2022 analysis of Russell 3000 companies that found male CEOs hold on to their jobs for 9.9 years while women last 6.6 years, as Bloomberg reported.Feb 20, 2024

The kicker to generalize the conversation about MBAs.

The gender pay gap also narrowed from 8% to 6% based on first post-MBA jobs, but the pay gap has widened over time. The same survey revealed that the gender pay gap widens to 17% over time, with all men respondents currently earning an average of $209,011, compared to $173,070 for women.Sep 21, 2023

It is utterly fascinating (and baffling) how quickly a thread about the electric grid was hijacked and diverted by a topic about gender equity in the workplace.

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You’re only noticing this now? Leap has been one of the more unusual posters here in TMF La-La-Land from the start. A number of his posts are insightful in various ways while others are…well… just unusual.

It takes all kinds for sure.




LOL fair enough.

Sometimes when someone holds up their degree or their job here I think at least they were employed. LOL It is like tell me you are Mensa. Crap talk.

If I went by someone else’s drummer I’d be very worried by how stupid their drummer is.

The original comment was satire. Not all satire is funny.

Not everyone gets satire. It was a small comment.

We discuss MBAs here endlessly. Bring up women MBAs and…suddenly it is a rude comment.

Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t understand what you were talking about either.


I call bullspit.

If it was intended as satire, you would not have then tried to justify your “satire” by posting a defense of your position with 3 linked articles on the topic.

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You can be so full of garbage. Stop always being self-righteous.

Go reread the comment.