Regarding Stock Beta

I appreciated some discussion in a recent video, by Tom, about the beta of stocks and how this is also considered when making picks for the various portfolios or best buys. I understand a portfolio with a beta of 1 approximates the volatility of the market; while less than 1 is less volatile and over 1 is more volatile. Is there a guideline for different levels of portfolio volatility above 1? Such as: 1+ - 1.49 is a little more volatile, 1.5+ - 1.99 is aggressive, 2+ is considered very aggressive . . . 3+ “don’t you need your money?”?

As I’ve used several MF services over time, I’d like a somewhat objective measurement that could give me a useful reference as to the current and developing volatility of my portfolio.

Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts and shared experience; and Fool On!

If you subscribe to a premium service its best to post on their private board. This one is public.

High beta sticks are best when stocks are headed up; worst when stocks are headed down. Is this a bear market? If yes low beta is better.

This has more to do with your personal risk tolerance than anything else. Higher is for more aggressive investors but is fine when you pick winners.