Rental Company Sixt Will Begin Dumping Tesla Fleet Due To Repair Costs

I wonder which EV has the lowest repair costs, Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf?



Insurance carriers, meanwhile, are writing off low-mileage Tesla Model Ys that have been in crashes, and sending them to salvage auctions after deeming many too expensive to repair.

The data on crashed low-mileage Teslas showing up at auction presents a slightly different - and previously unreported - picture, according to a Reuters analysis.

Of more than 120 Model Ys that were totaled after collisions, then listed at auction in December and early January, the vast majority had fewer than 10,000 miles on the odometer, according to online data from Copart and IAA, the two largest salvage auction houses in the United States.

The retail prices of those cars ranged from about $60,000 to more than $80,000.

Copart and IAA auction listings note whether the vehicles were involved in front, rear or side collisions, and typically include after-crash photos of each vehicle. But the listings do not disclose specific details on the type of damage suffered.
The Tesla Cybertruck Could Be An Insurance And Repair Nightmare

A U.S. judge dismissed an antitrust lawsuit accusing Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla of forcing customers to pay high prices and suffer long waits for repairs by monopolizing the markets for vehicle maintenance and replacement parts.

In a Friday night decision, U.S. District Judge Trina Thompson in San Francisco said customers in the proposed class action failed to show either that the alleged problems were “not generally known” when they bought their vehicles, or that they could not predict the costs to keep their vehicles running.

She also said customers could not prove that Tesla coerced them into using its services and parts simply because they had bought their vehicles in the first place.

“To be sure, plaintiffs allege that defendant misled them about…how much maintenance its EVs are designed to need and how long that maintenance ought to take,” Thompson wrote. “But nowhere do plaintiffs allege that consumers are in fact unaware of the supposedly supracompetitive prices and exorbitant wait times.”

Yeah but think how much they saved on fuel! And they are saving the planet too! /tongue in cheek


Other news from the EU…

Brussels is set to push back planned post-Brexit tariffs on electric cars by three years in a boost for vehicle manufacturers on both sides of the Channel.

The European Commission will reportedly approve a plan to delay new tariffs that would add 10% to the cost of many electric cars from January.

News of the delay came as industry figures showed that sales of electric vehicles in the UK fell by the most ever in a month in November after Rishi Sunak’s climbdown on banning petrol models.

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) plummeted by 17% in November, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).