Reporting Festivities: May 15 - 19

1). MNDY Reported before the market opened yesterday and that report overview was placed under the Top 25 Power Ranking post. Why there and not here? Well…because, the report vaulted MNDY into the Top 25.

If you somehow missed it: Great Report and Fans loved it.

  1. ONON Reports:

  • Sales rose 78.3% during the quarter, including a 64.3% increase in direct-to-consumer sales. Sales were up across shoes (+80%), apparel (+48.9%) and accessories (+52.3%).

  • On Holdings’ gross profit margin improved to 58.3% of sales from 51.8% a year ago

  • Increased full-year revenue guidance

  • On products are now available in almost 9800 doors. This includes the now 58 doors that we have at Dick’s Sporting Goods

The Headline:

Fan Reaction: ONON stock is down about 9% in midday trading.

  1. Sea Limited Reports:

A. The Good

  • e-Commerce Segment:

GAAP revenue was US$2.1 billion, up 36.3% year-on-year. Based on constant currency assumptions, GAAP revenue was up 41.7% year-on-year.

  • Digital Financial Services Segment:

GAAP revenue was US$412.8 million, up 75.0% year-on-year.

B. The BAD:

  • Revenue of $3.04B (+4.8% Y/Y) in-line.


  • Digital Entertainment:

GAAP revenue was US$539.7 million, as compared to US$948.9 million for the previous quarter.

Fan Reaction: The stock is plummeting down -17% or so in midday trading.

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Ok…so much for what I missed earlier this week: was planning a summer trip with the family and just got lost a bit in the moment. Looks like Greece is the favorite and should get those particular plans finalized today or tomorrow.

Anyway - here is The who of the ‘Who Else’ of interest is reporting this week:

  1. Doximity (DOCS) - Reports After today’s close.

DOCS last ER in Feb had puny declining Revenue Growth of 17% or so.

Last ER Headline:

DOCS stock drops as guidance disappoints (NYSE:DOCS) | Seeking Alpha.

YTD the stock has gained +3.3% and has a EV/S (fwd) valuation of 13.93.

What is Expected - Sort of:

We’ll see shortly.

  1. Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) Reports 5/17 After the Close

On the last ER in February the Company whiffed on Revenue by about $70M; however, Revenue Growth still came in at +59.6% representing the 6th consecutive QTR of accelerating Revenue Growth. They then guided to a Revenue slowdown going forward.

Last ER Headline:

TTWO momentum has stalled bit going into its ER; however, the stock has gained +20.6% YTD with an EV/S (fwd) of 4.47.

  1. Dynatrace (DT) - Reports May 17 Before the Market Opens

On i’s last report Revenue Growth came in at +23.55 which was almost identical to the previous Qtrs +23.40. However, interestingly enough - the Revenue Beat came in at a very healthy 4.46%; which, was more than double the previous Qtrs Beat. They then raised Guidance. Valuation currently sits at 11.42 for EV/Sales (fwd).

Last ER Headline:

YTD the stock is up +21.88%.

What is Expected:

  1. Globant (GLOB) Reports 5/18 After the Close

On its last report back in February GLOB, Revenue Growth came in at +29.2%; which, represented the 6th consecutive Qtr of falling Revenue Growth. YTD the stock is bleeding red losing -15%; however, perhaps in anticipation of a better report coming in the stock has popped 4.6% over the last 5 trading days. EV/Sales (fwd) comes In at 2.85: Bargain? Trap?.

Last ER Headline:

Yesterday the company announced the acquisition of something called Pentalog:

Others of marginal interest:

Canada Goose - 5/18

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DOCS Reports:

  • Revenue Growth of +18.5%

  • Non-GAAP EPS Beat of 3 Cents

  • Guides for 1st Qtr Revenue Growth of 18.6%.

  • Net income and non-GAAP net income: Net income of $30.7 million, versus $36.7 million, representing a margin of 27.6%, versus 39.2%. Non-GAAP net income of $42.1 million, versus $44.9 million, representing a margin of 38.0%, versus 47.9%.

Press Release:

Fan Reaction: Yuck! Stock down -8.3% After Hours.


Dynatrace (DT) Reports:

  • Revenue Growth came in at +24.4% YOY representing a slight acceleration from the previous two Qtrs of ++23.55% and +23.4%, respectively.

  • Non-GAAP EPS Beat by 9 Cents

  • With respect to margins, total non-GAAP gross margin for the fourth quarter was 84% consistent with both last year and Q3 levels.

  • Total ARR for the fourth quarter ended at $1.25 billion, an increase of $252 million year-over-year.

  • We added 179 new logos in the fourth quarter

"This is the first time in our history as a public company where we saw a sequential increase over our seasonally strongest third quarter. We ended the year with more than 3,600 Dynatrace customers representing an increase of 9% over last year. "

  • Our gross retention rates continue to be best-in-class in the mid-90s and contributed to a strong dollar based net retention rate of 119% in the fourth quarter.

Dynatrace Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year Fiscal 2023 Financial Results | Seeking Alpha

Fan Reaction: Ho Hum initially: Stock is down in midday trading by about 1%.

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Take Two-Interactive (TTWO) Reports 4th Qtr/Full Year:

For the 4th Qtr:

  • Revenue Growth powered in at +55.9%.

  • During fiscal fourth quarter 2023, total Net Bookings grew 65% to $1.39 billion, as compared to $845.8 million during last year’s fiscal fourth quarter.

For the Year:

  • Total Net Bookings grew 55% to $5.28 billion, as compared to $3.41 billion in fiscal year 2022 .

Fan Reaction: The stock is currently trading up about 9% during After Hours trading.


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Canada Goose (GOOS) Reports:

GOOS reported this morning before the open and it didn’t go so well. Folks are just never satisfied. Still - not all that bad a report.

Canada Goose Reports Results for Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2023 and Fiscal 2024 Outlook | Seeking Alpha

Fan Reaction: Stock plummeted just over 10.4%

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