Request for Saul's view of SNOW

And what I really despise is censorship (deleting a simple question).

You are free to take your questions elsewhere. This is Saul’s board and it will be run as he likes.

More importantly, it’s a board where everyone contributes – one of the core tenets is that you don’t just come and drop a question, but you offer a contribution and see if you can earn the interest of the board.



Mr zerohedge:

It’s alright that you have a different investment philosophy than what is discussed on this board. There are many ways to make money in the stock market. I also devote only about 60% of my portfolio in hyper growth stocks.

But i am grateful to Saul for this forum and for his well defined and enforced rules which enhance effectiveness and efficiency for readers and posters. It is magnanimous of him and as good as these forums get.

FWIW, I just looked at your June 10th posts here, wherein you asserted that after EV/S multiples had risen significantly, they are “…not good to invest…”

Three examples you sited as those that had moved too far too fast were LVGO, SHOP, and FSLY. LVGO and FSLY have doubled since then while SHOP has risen about 25%. Those are likely better performances than nearly every so-called value stock. You mentioned TSLA also but that one is OT here. :slight_smile:

It sounds like i’m being critical and that’s too bad. Really i understand your sentiment and i am a devotee of Warren Buffett. He helped make me rich.

But there is something going on in this current period of the tech evolutionary process that is different, not generally understood, and that therefore has offered unusual returns the last few years for those with fertile enough imaginations to catch the wave when they were lucky enough to hit upon the necessary knowledge.

Even Buffett appears to be moved by it. We still think valuation matters, we simply judge that differently than we did of companies in the era of pre hypergrowth/SAAS/cloud/high margin/low capital investment/high dollar based retention companies.

The market is catching on somewhat, but opportunities remain substantial as talking heads continue to express bewilderment.

GL, Peace.


Sorry I had the nerve to ask a simple question.

Why do so many people think every board has to offer the same platform and soapbox as every other board? The same incessant chatter and bickering? You’re not being excluded, you can read and watch all you want, and you’ll probably get your questions answered more clearly by doing so. Have a little patience…

I know most of us appreciate the rules here, it’s a tough job enforcing them and the board monitors don’t get near enough credit. So thanks for all the effort keeping this place sane and manageable!

(and now that I’ve added to the pile :scream: time to fade away)


The thing that concerns me about SNOW is that the float is less than 9 million shares and shares outstanding is more than 277 million shares. What will happen when the lockup expires? I might be wrong here, but it seems to me that there will be a lot of selling when that happens.

For me, it is a better wait and see before I buy this stock.