Retirementdough October Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update 10/30/20 8PM

It’s been a month since I posted my September portfolio update found here;…

I have found doing these updates is helping me keep better records of my investing thought processes over time. Much like keeping a journal in life when you re-read in the future it helps you remember what your thoughts were at the time of writing. Hopefully others find this helpful as well.

Current Portfolio as of 10/30/20.  
Change since 9/30/20  -2.1%		YTD     +166.6%. 
YTD		S&P 500    +2.5% (this includes dividends)	Nasdaq +24.7%	Dow -6.6%

Stock		Current	 	% of Port	       % Change 			Market       
		% of Port		on 8/29	   in port since 8/29	   		Cap

CRWD		15.4         		17.4		      	-2.0	          	27.0B
DDOG		13.5         		19.3		    	-5.8			26.7B
ZM		11.9        		17.8		       	-5.9	               131.0B
TCNNF	        11.9			 7.3		        +4.6			 2.7B
TDOC		12.3			 1.9		       +10.4		        16.1B
DOCU		 8.3			   0			+8.3			37.5B
BPRMF	         4.4			 3.2		        +1.1	           	 1.9B
EXPI		 2.7			 0.5			+2.2		         3.0B
NET		   0			 1.6		        -1.6	
AYX		   0			 0.1			-0.1    				  
CASH            19.6       		31.1		       -15.0

New positions since last portfolio update: DOCU

Exited positions since last update: NET, AYX (had extremly small amount left)

Trades between 10/1-10/30

Bought: 	        10/1    TCNNF   	18.50
			10/8   	TCNNF  		20.18, 20.60
			10/8    CRWD		142.47
			10/19 	TDOC     	225.85
			10/19 	DOCU   		228, 231.55, 232.95
			10/19 	BPRMF		18.45
			10/22 	TDOC    	217
			10/27 	EXPI       	44.85
			10/29 	TDOC     	220, 219.89, 219.97, 219.78
			10/30 	DOCU		200.67
			10/30 	EXPI		42.45, 42.25, 42.19

Sold: 		        10/1	DDOG	        103.41
			10/7    AYX		143.35
			10/08   EXPI   		54.53
			10/08   NET		43.94
			10/19   ZM		579.68
			10/22   TDOC 		218, 217.75
			10/30   ZM		461.00

**Results year to date at end of month**

Jan	20.7%	
Feb	29.5%
Mar	11.6%
Apr	32.4%
May	77.0%
June	104.1%
July	116.7%
Aug	137.3%
Sept	170.7%
Oct	166.6%

Thoughts on trades and companies for the month.

I sold the very little bit of AYX that I had been holding, when it ran back up temporarly this month it was time to sell the rest. I reduced my DDOG and ZM positions due to valuation concerns. I got out of NET. Sometimes certain companies I just do not get into after holding them for a short time. NET was one of those companies seems to have a lot going for it, but if I was honest I am not sure what it is they do and did not feel it was the best place for me to invest. I just could not motivate to learn more about it.

I added quite a bit of money to TDOC. I have made a lot of money on LVGO this year. I got out on news of the merger. I originally agreed with Saul’s take on the bafflement of why LVGO leadership would sell out. I also did not understand the potential synergies. However after reading the boards and the recent earnings call the early results of the merger have been excelent in my opinion, the cross selling opprotunities will accelerate the TDOC/LVGO business. I am excited about TDOC future. I think it has the most potential to outperform of any stock I own.

I also add money to TCNNF. It is probably the most undervalued of my stock holdings currently. It is growing rapidly, it is profitable, has good margins and I believe either way the election goes it will be a winner. Since its a cannabis stock I will leave it there.

DOCU is a new position to the portfolio this year, I previously owned it approximately 2 years ago. My company recently bought a subscription and we have been using docusign all the time. Additionally many other companies have been using it for transactional business. It is becoming the norm. I get annoyed when I am required to go to bank and sign something now. I find myself saying “get with the times and send me a docusign”. It is like Zoom in that it has become a verb. Saul mentioned that he had bought some and that thought led me to buy some again.

I added a small amount of BPRMF. It is hard to build a position quickly when the company only reports twice a year. I find it leaves for long periods of information gaps. Definitely prefer quarterly reporting. BPRMF is UK based company so these wild election swings in the market have not really effected this stock (I am guessing that is why?). It has slowly been rising since I originally bought it. RPA leader, although that is disputed amoungst the board. With minimium wages increases going up for vote in states like the one I live in (Florida) businesses will be looking to reduce labor costs. This technology saves a lot of money for companies that otherwise would be spent in labor.

Alot of buying and selling positions in my portfolio this month. The one stock that was not added to or taken away from is CRWD. I believe compared to other growth stocks that it is fairly valued. It is now my largest holding.

I originally bought EXPI and than sold it for 41% gain two weeks later. However I bought back in after EXPI preannounced some business metrics. Although revenue numbers were not included in that information. I believe when they report earnings in a week and a half the revenue numbers are going to be very, very good based on what they have already reported. I increased my holdings significantly today.

My cash holding went down significantly. A lot of buying was done today on the big down day. I really like TDOC results. I believe holders of LVGO were giving cash and had their shares converted to TDOC today. I think some of the individuals probably sold TDOC and with it being a down day add fuel to the fire. I saw nothing in the recent c.c. that scared me from increasing my position.

Lots of discussion on the market today. Many have already expressed that we really are only where we were one month ago on valuations. My portfolio was in the green before today. I personally am hoping for stocks to continue to fall next week as I will be buying more if they do.

My portfolio is up to eight positions currently. Historically my portfolio is between 5-8 positions. Last month I add some some trial positions. Some of these were increased and others I got out of all together. Below is number of positions held at end of each month.

Jan -6, Feb -7, Mar -5, Apr -5, May -6, June -5, July -6, Aug -6 (with very, very small position in AYX for 7), Sept -8 (with very, very small position in AYX for 9)

New positions 2020

May-ZM (Previously owned)
Aug-TCNNF (2nd time), ETSY, NET
Sept-EXPI, TDOC (previously owned LVGO)
Oct-DOCU (Previously owned)

Sold positions 2020

Aug-ETSY, AYX (except very small position)

Previous monthly reviews 2020









As always any suggestions or questions on portfolio structure feel free to email me. Any questions on why I like or dislike certain companies post it to the board with exception of TCNNF (just email me on that one).