Right-hand links on posts

For those interested, I’ve just contacted Fool Help to see how this board can get links/announcements added to the right-hand of posts (like the Post-of-the-Day).

See this link for an example:
(Note I have no interest in promoting the particular post, either pro or con, but simply picked a board that I know has such capability already.)

I’ll update as I find more, and I suspect that Saul (or his delegate) will have to play a role.

The reason I’m checking into this is that I think the FAQ, and now Kevin’s 1YPEG google docs, ought to be “one-click” accessible for anyone reading this board.



Excellent idea, thanks for taking the initiative.


If you want to get something linked on the Announcements column, you need to contact TMFTwitty (Richard Dressner) - RichardD@fool.com. Since this is Saul’s board, he may need to be the one to make the request.


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Links are up for the FAQ and Kevin’s 1YPEG google doc. They are on the right hand side.




Awesome. Can you put the link to the most recent index also? Thanks.

Thanks FrickNFool for all your hard work in setting this up. That was really “beyond the call of duty”. I really appreciate it.

When we get it updated, please ask them to call it Knowledgebase instead of FAQ, if possible. Thanks so much.


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