Rivian earnings, disappointment or not so bad?

Rivian is one of the stocks I am holding as a ‘just in case’ or test position. I am so over Tesla for now for many reasons. While it gave me some profits in the past, I am not up for this current stage of the company.
Rivian reported ok results to me, but WS is disappointed they are not going gung-ho with bigger production estimates (despite the fact they have never hit the last number anyway). So, instead of the hoped for number of 60k vehicles, they are going to stick with the 50K and make sure that works. (Last bit was my opinion.)
Here is an article from Fooldom that seems to strike the right tone on ‘well now what?’.
Rivian Is Pumping the Brakes on Spending and Production Growth. That’s a Green Flag for Investors. | The Motley Fool

I added a teensy bit more, but going to leave it in the test sized investment category for now.