RO faucet

Thought this would be my last post, but evidently this board isn’t dying. No banner notice above.

Changed my RO faucet today. The old one had a gasket that somehow popped-out, so there was no seal between the RO faucet and the counter. Any water on the counter could go down the cut-out to the underside of the counter. It wasn’t a lot (there was another gasket under the counter), but when I got under to change the thing out, I did observe some minor water staining. Also, the lever was getting really stiff, and the actual faucet didn’t pivot anymore.

In future, I would have the faucet mounted on the opposite side of the disposal. I had to reach around the disposal, and then into the tight space between the sink and the back wall. My back is not thrilled with me right now.

But it was fairly easy otherwise. Shut the tank off, shut the supply to the tank off, disconnect the compression fitting to the faucet, remove the mounting nut from the faucet, pull it out of the cutout, and then reverse the process with the new faucet. No leaks, water is flowing from the faucet, the lever and faucet both move easily.

Next up is replacing the spring in a lockset. It’s a torsion spring, and one of the connections has broken. So the door handle sorta flops now. They sent me the parts already. I just have to do it. I did it once before. Hooking the torsion spring where it needs to go is a PITA. It’s a pretty tight spring.

My back says I’m not going to do it today. It says I’m going to rest so as to avoid any possibility to annoying it further. Even though changing the spring shouldn’t involve my back (no contortions necessary).


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You got me to look it up.

RO = Reverse Osmosis.

(I can’t work in space like that, it brings on vertigo something wicked.)

(I can’t work in space like that, it brings on vertigo something wicked.)

Interesting. Related to claustrophobia?

Back is still tweaked. Better than yesterday, but still tweaked. The faucet (and disposal) is on the left. So I couldn’t really get in there (blocked by the disposal). I used my left arm to hook the counter/sink and pull my body off the cabinet deck, and then snaked my right arm around the disposal to the left while I viewed the faucet from the right. So I was almost on my back, but lifting myself up. Used my small (about 5" long) adjustable wrench because anything larger wouldn’t have fit in the space.

1poorlady was not happy with me. She likes the new faucet, but is annoyed I hurt myself. She says I should have asked for help, but only one person could be under there, and her arms are shorter than mine.

So I reiterate, if you have the choice, put the RO faucet on the side that doesn’t have the disposal. It will make access a lot easier.

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