Roku collapsing the Shopify funnel for merchants

Roku up 13%

How is TDD competing or does this include TDD? My saved link to an article on TDD cooperation with Roku on 3/1/2020 was deleted when TMF changed formats.

This is some of what Roku announcement said today:
Upon seeing an ad for a Shopify merchant, viewers can simply press OK on their Roku remote to learn more about the product and purchase it directly from their TV. They will be able to check out with Roku Pay, Roku’s payments platform, and return to their streaming experience once they have completed the purchase. Purchasers will receive email confirmation of their order directly from the merchant once the transaction has been processed.

Very interesting, IMO



Kinda OT question on this…? I am confused as to why Roku is up 13% but SHOP is only up about 2% this morning. I am guessing the idea is they can generate more ad revenue, but the idea that SHOP is getting this embedded would seem to be MORE important from the long run?
I had ROKU for a little while, but once it grew to become a TV company I wasn’t interested anymore.

As for TTD, I would assume they still the middlemen for getting the ad sold to Roku?


TTD is up 7.65% so far today. It’s a green day for my portfolio overall, but this is far outpacing the others, and I wondered why. The market obviously sees the news as good for TTD as well.

I’m guessing the thinking is that if this is happening with Shopify and Roku, it will happen on all streaming platforms eventually. See a product on your streaming device and hit a “buy” button on your remote. And that broader adoption will be one more thing that helps TTD soar.

14.72% in TTD


“Lurker” here but figured I’d provide some clarity as I work in the industry and have experience with both companies (more recently with Roku than TTD). This is probably way more info than needed so feel free to stop reading after the next paragraph unless you’re really interested in these two stocks.

You will not be able to buy this ad unit on Roku through TTD. The Shopify integration is only possible because Roku has 1st Party data with email & payment info, which TTD does not have and Roku would never share. Roku has had an integration with Walmart eCommerce for some time and I’m sure they would love to work something out with Amazon if it weren’t for Fire TV still existing. TTD may figure out a tech solution for embedding a purchase experience within an ad unit on CTV, but it wouldn’t be as simple. This type of thing already exists within social ad units and others, but it’s not much different than clicking/tapping out to a website due to the payment info constraints.

Roku’s play is premium CTV with innovative ad units and pristine 1st party data vs. 3rd party data targeting which is far from perfect (that’s a rabbit hole I won’t go down). They are a TV OS which gives them a nearly infinite canvas to monetize, they have The Roku Channel as a sort of middle-ground to capture cord cutters and subscription-fatigued people at once, and they also have their OneView DSP to provide added scale off-platform. It’s pretty compelling in an optimistic environment. But it is in a weird “untrusted” middle ground between old-school media (which many large brands still very much believe in) and pure-play programmatic digital media (like TTD, which most brands believe in and some ONLY believe in), which has affected their growth quite a bit, obviously, through the downturn. (I don’t really read too much into all the smart-home products btw, they seem to be more market tests than a big bet).

TTD is essentially an efficiency play, which is why they have been resilient in the face of the recession fear that is causing advertising & media budgets to get slashed. So while they don’t have access to the type of “premium ad units” that Roku can offer, CMOs see more targeted reach per dollar from TTD and move money there while they reduce budgets overall. It’s kind like IOT, except importantly, it’s not outcomes-based. The media still has to perform, and that is never remotely guaranteed. With the transition to CTV on one side and the efficiency story on the other, it’s hard to see any scenario where it isn’t growing, for years and years to come.

That being said, as recession fear abates, I would expect TTD growth to remain more consistent rather than accelerate greatly, and Roku will see a bigger rebound in terms of topline growth. Of course I can’t predict the future, but optimism typically leads marketing execs to want to invest in the future and new, bigger bets, which should lend more to premium vs. efficient.

P.S. both stocks on my watch list but my portfolio is concentrated on other sectors. I find sometimes my “insider” experiences cloud my judgement.


Roku up 29% today after earnings show a pick-up in earnings. This bodes well for TTD.