Ronjonb Portfolio Jan 2021

I’ve never posted about my portfolio but wanted to do so. I’m NOT going to dive into their financial performances as most of that has been covered by some previous members. Being a developer, my conviction in my positions is a result of how I understand the current tech and also based on the thoughts of some of my colleagues and friends in the IT industry.

Just to let you know that I had owned TSLA, AMZN, APPL and NFLX for a long time until I discovered Saul’s board a couple of years back. The returns from three of those stocks helped me a great deal towards my financial independence ( though I kept on working for the greatest software company on the planet :)). Anyways, after discovering Saul’s board, I got out of all those stocks and started pursuing this new style of investing.

Currently here’s my portfolio:

#1 CRWD: 38%
#2 DDOG: 17%
#3 SNOW: 15%
#4 DOCU: 8%
#5 SHOP: 8%
#6 IPOE: 5% Was lower in my list but shot up 24% on Friday, 1/29.
#7 FSLY: 3%
#8 ZM: 2%
#9 NET: 2%
#10 MP: 2%

The financials and growth opportunities for the most of the names in my portfolio ( except IPOE and MP) has been covered extensively by many on this board, so I won’t reiterate those.

However here’s my one line conviction about them.

#1 CRWD: They are best positioned to stop breaches! (read all my previous posts about CRWD on this board if you’re interested.) Read all the stuff related to the SolarWinds hack and how every business that’s moving to the cloud is keeping money aside for Security. I recently added a little bit more to CRWD.

#2 DDOG: A name that comes up in every conference and workshop I’ve attended in the last couple of years.

#3 SNOW: I was one of the first guys on this board to have bought SNOW @ around $240 (probably a little less) after the IPO and the reason was simple. I have worked with big data for quite a few years and understand pretty well what Snowflake is solving. There’s no one out there that I know of who is close to achieving what they have achieved. Take out time to read about how Square, Instacart, Rakuten, Anheuser Busch, Michelin ( reason I’m picking these names is to illustrate the diversity across industries) and a host of other well known companies are using Snowflake. I not much worried about Databricks vs Snowflake at this time or data warehouse vs Data Lake. Snowflake is probably doing everything right at this point! I recently added a little bit more to SNOW.

#4 DOCU: Docusign is almost ubiquitous these days! But that also makes me think about it’s future? If I need to trim a position to increase some other then it’s probably going to be DOCU.

#5 SHOP: In some earlier post I mentioned that they’re bringing down the walls that impediment e-commerce one step at a time!

#6 FSLY: These guys don’t have a smart CEO but their tech is one of the best. That’s one reason why so many enterprises are still sticking with them! Compute@Edge has great potential to define how apps are going to be built on the edge in the future. I’m a patient guy and will give them a couple of more quarters before bailing out.

#7 IPOE: I bought this SPAC just after Chamath tweeted about it. I had liked SOFI even before he tweeted and so buying some IPOE was a no-brainer. And I think SOFI is a Snowflake customer as well :slight_smile:

#8 ZM: In an earlier post, I laid out my thoughts why ZM will perhaps never displace Microsoft Teams or even Google Meet. The Zoom Phone opportunity looks limited as the “Phone” in the real physical sense seems like a dinosaur to me :slight_smile:

#9 NET: I have a small position but I think Cloudflare is bringing too many half-baked products with short time thinking to the market to keep WallStreet happy. Only time will tell…

#10 MP: Another Chamath stock for a company that deals in rare earth minerals. Rare earth minerals will likely be in demand over the next decade as the global economy transitions towards renewable energy.


ronjonb ( @cloudandstocks on twitter)