Roth IRA question

I’m new to investing and am wondering if purchasing stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with my Roth IRA money is a good idea. Thank you for your help and advice.

yes, many tax advantages. Can’t withdraw any money until 59 1/2,

Forgot to add. Read the following at your leisure re: Roth IRA

Over time equities like stocks or stock mutual funds have the best returns.

Now is an especially good time to buy as prices are down and likely to recover one day.

Roth has the advantage that you can take distributions tax free in retirement. Your gains are not taxed.

Most would begin with an S&P 500 index fund or etf. The SPY ticker etf is excellent. There are lots of index funds to choose from but Vanguards 500 Index fund VFINX is a very good one.

Or some would go with a total market fund like Vanguards VTI.

Thank you for your advice.