Russia Attacks Ukrainian Nuclear Plants…

“Rumours going around that an accident at #Zaporizhzhia would be ‘10x worse than Chernobyl’ are absolutely irresponsible rubbish,” Jeremy Gordon, a nuclear consultant, wrote on Twitter. “We must be very clear that this is an unusual and frightening situation at #Zaporizhzhia, but there is NOT a nuclear accident in progress and there is no basis to predict an accident either. The main risk right now is to staff working there.”

Zaporizhzhia, one of Ukraine’s four operating nuclear power plants, provides about 25 percent of Ukraine’s power generation. The plant has six reactors, all of which are protected by concrete containment domes. At the time of writing, most of those reactors appeared to have been taken offline.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) later confirmed that the fire at Zaporizhzhia had not affected any of the power plant’s “essential” equipment, and cited Ukrainian regulators as confirming that there had been “no change reported in radiation levels.” Ukrainian emergency services also confirmed that the fire seen in the livestream was from a training building outside the main perimeter, rather than one of the plant’s reactors.