Russian interest rates

Bank of Russia pushes up interest rates to 15%. It is said to be because of inflation which is only around 6%. More likely they are concerned about the value of the Ruble, although the official rate of inflation may well be false, as are ours in The West:

Next meeting to discuss the interest rate, 15th December 2023


The Russian war effort is something Russia can no longer afford. The Kremlin is printing far too much paper.

We printed too much in the west for our lock downs during Covid. That is in the rearview mirror. We did not collapse.

Russia is going to collapse next year. The military with no pay will turn. Or what passes for pay is worthless and the military will turn on Putin.

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Nah, the Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow will pray away the debt and despair. It will be

Springtime for Putin and Ruski Mir!

Leap, I agree the monetary noose seems to be tightening, but I am not betting on it.

david fb

If you do not get paid for risking your life then the person not paying you is your main enemy.