Russian propagandists said to buy Twitter blue-check verifications

P.S. I’ve already bounced two of the accounts named in this article. At least the $TSLAQ community on twitter is calling out the Russian bots, but not the fanbois kissing Musk’s arse:

Russian propagandists said to buy Twitter blue-check verifications

SAN FRANCSICO - Accounts pushing Kremlin propaganda are using Twitter’s new paid verification system to appear more prominently on the global platform, another sign that Elon Musk’s takeover is accelerating the spread of politically charged misinformation, a nonprofit research group has found.

The accounts claim to be based outside of Russia, so they can pay for verification without running afoul of U.S. sanctions. But they pass along articles from state-run media, statements by Russian officials, and lies about Ukraine from Kremlin allies, according to the research group Reset, which shared its findings with The Washington Post.

One of the accounts describes itself in English as “No woke. No BLM. No gender pronouns … Just Anti-Imperialism.” Purporting to be based in San Francisco, its profile picture shows a blond woman wearing a fur hat with a hammer and sickle badge. Another account’s biographical blurb says it is “Doing my part to stop Western support for the Ukrainian war machine, one taxpayer at a time.” It regularly tweets videos it says show Russians killing Ukrainian soldiers.

Oh, and there’s this paragraph concerning Traitor Musk:

Musk has boosted one of the accounts by replying to its tweets, including one spreading a lie that thousands of NATO troops had died in Ukraine.


He fired that engineer who bragged on Twitter how she was sleeping at the office. People tried to warn her then that she will wish she never sucked up to Musk so badly. Poor gal didn’t even get a pony as a parting gift:

Multiple engineers and product team members at Twitter, including Director of Product Management Esther Crawford, have been fired, according to multiple media reports.

Crawford spent over two years at Twitter, according to her LinkedIn, working on projects like Twitter Blue and Spaces.

Her layoff was first reported by Platformer’s Zoë Schiffer on Saturday. The Verge’s Alex Heath confirmed the reporting, along with another round of layoffs that affected multiple teams across the organization, including advertisement and product teams.

Twitter fired at least 200 of its few remaining employees on Saturday night, three sources familiar with the matter told The New York Times on Sunday. The fresh round of layoffs eliminated roughly 10 percent of the company’s remaining work force, which has steadily dwindled down from a staff of 7,500 when CEO Elon Musk took over last year. The Times placed the eliminated positions at a far higher number than a Saturday night report from The Information, which said that around 50 staffers had been dismissed. According to The Information, the cuts affected employees working to support advertising, as well as members of teams designed to support the main app. The Times added that product managers, data scientists and engineers working on machine learning and site reliability had also been made redundant.

The layoffs came after a week when the company made it difficult for Twitter employees to communicate with each other. The company’s internal messaging service, Slack, was taken offline, preventing employees from chatting with each other or looking up company data, five current and former employees told The New York Times. On Saturday night, some employees discovered that they were logged out of their corporate email accounts and laptops, three of the people said — the first hint that layoffs had begun.

By Sunday morning, the scope of the cuts was becoming clear. Some Twitter employees used the platform to post farewell messages, while workers who had kept their jobs scrambled to use encrypted messaging services like Signal to determine who else was left. By Saturday night, the remaining employees had also lost access to a Google chat service associated with their work email accounts, three people said.

The cuts hit product managers, data scientists and engineers who worked on machine learning and site reliability, which helps keep Twitter’s various features online. The monetization infrastructure team, which maintains the services through which Twitter makes money, was reduced to fewer than eight people from 30, a person familiar with the matter said.