What does SaaS mean?

Sales as a service

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A simple Google search will tell you what SAAS means. This board gets a lot of traffic and members will not have patience for these types of posts. I strongly recommend you read the Monday morning rules of the board before posting again, this is posted every Sunday or Monday. There are a lot of rules on this board and they are needed so that it maintains the great service it provides…discussing high growth stocks. Welcome to the board.


Software as a service

Remember when you would get a disc from Microsoft to install Office on your computer? And you would “loan” it to all your friends?

Now you have to pay for a license once a year and the software is supplied via the cloud.…


rosym, This board isn’t for answering elementary questions! All it takes is googling it! As someone just said, read the Monday Morning Rules of the Board which come out every week.



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