Sadness and regrets

I have never seen any indication that TMF themselves policed any boards. Instead they rely on posters to flag offending posts before they are reviewed.

Not even for copyright violations? I had thought those would have mainly been found by TMF policing, and not by the flagging actions of posters.

But if all policing is initiated by posters anyway, then the work that the TMF has had to do is even less than I thought.

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Correct … I can’t imagine any way that they could systematically read every post and assess it for copyright violation without using AI … and I don’t think the current software is there yet!

I just clicked on post #1 in each of about 10 boards.
For the boards whose 1st post is dated 1997, the first post is a board member.

For the boards whose 1sr post is dated 2000 or later, the first post is a TMFhandle, and boilerplate welcome.

The 2nd post is by the board member who seems to have started the board.

It appears that after 2000, there is a TMF gatekeeper for opening boards.

Interesting to me: Pandemic Disease was first opened in 2005.



Interesting to me: Pandemic Disease was first opened in 2005.

The second post references the 2005 Avian Influenza (H5N1) and a want to “discuss how to prepare for and survive the global pandemic.” H1N1 showed up in 2009, as well as a number of other outbreaks since. I’d say the board has been a valuable addition.

AC although the past two years I would classify it as invaluable


I’m not entirely sure what this “TLF” is or how long lasting it will be, but it’s a TMF look-alike.

TLF was the TMF UK community’s answer to TMF UK closing down its boards in 2015 or so. So it’s kept going since then - it’s not the same, in particular almost all discussion of specific shares has gone to other platforms (although it could be argued that process had already started by about 2010 or so), but there’s still a fair bit of discussion around retirement investing and non-finance topics like Ukraine etc.

[heh - I see I last posted here in 2008, how time flies…]


I suspect this description of TMF purposely creating these boards may be off the mark. Why is there any explanation needed other than someone clicking on Start a New Board, picking a name, and posting a post with a statement of purpose … then telling other people about it

It was certainly TMF people who organized the non-financial boards into helpful categories for searching, instead of simply leaving them alphabetically-listed in one huge undifferentiated group. And it used to be that when you wanted to start a new board, a MF person did the first post to introduce the board. That shows involvement, and a desire for those boards to be helpful and supported,



[heh-I see I last posted here in 2008…]

Oh wow, a blast from the past indeed!

Now that “closing in the near future” = “NOW” (as of a few minutes ago, I think) I did a quick check to see if anyone else had noticed yet, spotted a familiar name
and discovered that it IS you…and not False Memory Syndrome.