Safe handling of nuclear waste

“There are parts of the site that will never be turned over,” Mr. Vance, the Hanford site manager, said. “We are going to be here a long time.”

long time = 10 to the x years.
x > 2

When folks talk about encumbrances on their descendants this one seems to me greater than any financial debt.

Many years ago we visited Hanford while on vacation in the Northwest, as a souvenir they gave us a brown glass marble, to show what they were doing with the waste, it wasn’t radioactive, but just a sign of where they were going… And it’s all those marbles that were going deep, somewhere, maybe NV or at least further from the Columbia River… Old friend live in Bridgeport, WA, near the Chief Joseph Dam, after WeCo, he took over his Dad’s tavern and also worked for the Corps at the Dam… The Columbia provides a lot of power to the NW…

I have a friend working in the Hanford plant. She is an artist when she is not working. It is endless bureaucratic work. She works scientifically with chemicals. Whatever that should mean. She is my age, 60, and just got an office. She wants to avoid the younger folks, the gossip etc…but cant. Office work in the middle of a complete disaster.