Sagebrush Empire

Mr.Thompson has written about San Juan County as being the epicenter of the land wars in Utah. He will be visiting me in the next two weeks and we will talk about his book and what has been going on in my county, Garfield County.…

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I read this book a couple months ago when we headed down to Canyon De Chelly, Petrified Forest NP, and Tuscon for Spring Break (Coming from Salt Lake County). Picked it up in a shop in Moab. I thought it was a great read, has a bit of everything. Lot of history in the four corners region that I didn’t know about.

How did your talk go, would love to have been a fly on the wall.


We spoke on the phone for an hour because he was exposed to covid. Our person to person meeting will be delayed a week or two. He knows a lot about San Juan County. The book got me after the first chapter. He will get some info from me about this side of the river.

The book American Zion was a disappointment and I told the author about the books shortcomings as far as I was concerned.