Samsara Beyond 2023 Conference Keynote -My notes

Samsara Beyond 2023 Conference

Keynote speakers:

Sanjit Biswas, CEO & Co-founder, Samsara

Jeff Hausman, Chief Product Officer, Samsara

Antonello Davi, GSE Manager, American Airlines

Saved/reduced 130 million engine idling in 2022.

Building all the data into one place to leverage and optimize the use cases.

Integrations: larger customers are integrating their data from 4 to 6 integrations to leverage the data in a way that creates value that’s unique to their use cases.

Newest Samsara innovations from Chief Product Officer at Samsara:

Data is your fuel for greater outcomes.

Organizations with actionable insights retain better employees.

Largest collection of physical operations data: 6 trillion data points

Re-shaping the worker experience

Personalized experiences

State of the art, AI-powered systems

Fraley & Schilling Trucking drives 4.5 million miles per month. Reduced their insurance premiums by 36%

Integrating systems

New Virtual Coach product was announced. After an event that requires correction, virtual coach can deliver a corrective video for the driver at their next stop.

New Mobile Experience Management (MEM) simplifies MEM at scale to specific worker roles.

2 key benefits of MEM:

Provides a lifeline for HQ to help a worker with corrective action wherever and whenever they require.

Focus mode -what applications are available to them while the vehicle is in motion to drive safety.

New Find My Asset feature makes it easier to locate your assets.

New Connected Forms will launch later this year. Streamlines any kind of pen and paper document for inspections (OSHA), minimize fines and puts the digital vs. paper forms in front of your team so they can manage it most effectively.

Key point is that you can access this information electronically in the form you are used to seeing it in.

This new tool digitizes the entire form.

There’s a need to drive integrations to drive new use cases.

3 new data connectors:

Seamlessly bridge the divide between data and decision makers

Power BI data connectors. Lets you integrate Samsara data with other systems to leverage the data to save money, increase safety, reduce pollution, etc.

Samsara thrives on the cycle of feedback and innovation to create new use cases.

Announcing new Samsara Ventures to provide seed money for new companies to innovate. This will happen in the ecosystem, and not just with one company.

Polymath robotics is a startup company that can take a dump truck, bull dozer, etc. off road and operate it remotely. Polymath is integrated with Samsara’s API so it can be accessed through Samsara’s platform.



Samsara (IOT) held their investor day on June 22nd. I’ve highlighted some of the most significant take-aways and included a link to the slide deck.

Currently, IOT has data integrations with 240 outside ecosystems and continues to expand the number of integrations to leverage data that measurably improves ROI and payback periods, safety improvements and sustainability. The company continues to expand use cases to build the connected operations cloud in beyond vehicles and into the areas of equipment, sites and workforce.

The company is positioned to win in AI due to

  1. Volume and breadth of data to train AI models
  2. Infrastructure designed to scale and rapidly deliver new AI features
  3. Customer feedback loop to accelerate our AI innovation

Samsara states that they are among 6 software companies with consensus estimates in CY23 of $1B ARR, 30% growth and are FCF positive, which IOT is anticipated to reach by Q4CY23. The other five companies include, Cloudflare, Crowdstrike, Snowflake and Z-scaler. Source CapIQ and Factset data as of 6/16/2023.

Key advantages leading to strong and consistent execution in the face of economic volatility include

  1. Highly predictable subscription business model

  2. Selling into a generally large, less discretionary operations budget

  3. Opportunities for hard ROI savings and quick time to payback for customers

  4. UNIVERSAL ROI + Fuel savings (routing & idling) + Lower insurance premiums + Reduce on road and workplace accidents + Lower maintenance costs + Improve asset utilization + Improved worker hiring and retention

  5. Quick payback period typically in months

  6. Beyond the above, digitization unlocks more ROI opportunities

Annual revenue generation from tracking vehicle detention

Identified savings by using alternative energy sources

Faster cash collections from improved visibility and invoice automation

Tax optimization through accurate location reporting

Identified savings from reduced construction equipment rental due to increased asset visibility

Temperature monitoring and alerting system to avoid premature exotherm costs

Reasons for durable growth

  1. Horizontal platform serving a diversified set of industries
  2. Massive TAM growing quickly, with many expansion opportunities
  3. Strong momentum with large customers
  4. Multi-product adoption driving opportunities for platform expansion
  5. Expansions create a floor for long-term growth

ARR by industry

  1. 22% Transportation
  2. 15% Wholesale and Retail Trade
  3. 15% Construction
  4. 12% Field Services
  5. 11% Logistics
  6. 6% Utilities and Energy
  7. 6% Manufacturing
  8. 5% Other
  9. 5% Government, Healthcare, Education
  10. 4% Food & Beverage

Our products address a large, fast-growing market opportunity

  1. 2022 Estimated Market Sizes

  2. $41B Connected Fleet (safety & telemetry)

  3. $60B Connected Operations (smart equipment, site visibility & workforce apps)

  4. 2025 Estimated Market Sizes

  5. $79B (2022-2025 Compounded Annual Growth Rate 25%) Connected Fleet

  6. $117B (2022-2025 Overall Compounded Annual Growth Rate 22%) Connected Operations

Largest customers are fastest growing cohort

From Q1FY23 to Q1FY24, $100K+ customers grew from 897 to 1,375 (54% growth)

From Q1FY23 to Q1FY24, $1M+ customers grew from 34 to 55 (62% growth)

From Q1 FY22 to Q1FY24, $100K customers grew from 40% to 49% of ARR mix.

Multi-product customers are expanding platform breadth

From Q1FY23 to Q1FY24, the % of large customers with 2+ products increased from 89% to 93%

From Q1FY23 to Q1FY24, the % of large customers with 3+ products increased from 42% to 55%

Of the top 20 customers who adopted 2 to 4 (multi) products

1 was classified as food & beverage

1 was classified as logistics

3 were classified as field services

3 were classified as Utilities and Energy

4 were classified as wholesale & retail trade

4 were classified as transportation

4 were classified as construction

Nearly all of these customers were using vehicle telematics, video-based safety and smart equipment “modules,” and five of them were also using the site visibility “module.”

*sjo here: I was pleased to see that transportation comprised only 20% (4) of the top 20 multi-product customers . I take this as proof that IOT is expanding use cases and industries beyond transportation.

Multi product adoption at scale

  1. VIDEO-BASED SAFETY $350M+ ARR 30%+ y/y growth

  2. VEHICLE TELEMATICS $350M+ ARR 30%+ y/y growth

  3. SMART EQUIPMENT & OTHER $100M+ ARR 30%+y/y growth

  4. Multi-product customers using Smart Equipment & Other

~1/2 of Core Customers who contribute $5K+ ARR

~2/3 of Large Customers who contribute $100K+ ARR

IOT uses a land and expand approach. Expansions provide strong floor for durable growth.

Net New Annual Contract Volume (NN ACV) - NEW LOGOS (land) VS EXPANSION

New logos (land)went from 67% of lands in FY21 to 50% as of the end of FY23 and was further reduced to 40% as of the end of Q1FY24

Expansion went from 33% of lands in FY21 to 50% as of the end of FY23 and was further grown to 69% as of the end of Q1FY24

An example/case study of a land and expand with a leading Utilities and Energy customer showed how an FY20 land of $2.9M expanded ARR in FY 21 by another $1.6M to 1.5X, and expanded in FY22 by another $1.4M to 2X and expanded in FY23 by another $900K to 2X.

Reasons for efficient growth

  1. Subscription business model unit economics drive long-term profitability
  2. Continued operating leverage and working capital improvements with scale
  3. Effectively managing dilution

IOT expects Non-GAAP operating margin to improve in FY24 from (12%) to (9%)

Adjusted Free Cash Flow Margin is anticipated to improve in FY24 from (17%) to (1%)

IOT expects Rule of 40 to go from 27% in Q1FY23 to 42% as of Q1FY24

Key Investor Highlights

  1. Large and diverse end markets, underserved by technology
  2. Operations budget is generally large, less-discretionary, and less competitive
  3. Hard and fast ROI is a highly sought after customer conversation
  4. Multiple products (vehicle and non-vehicle) growing fast at scale on one platform
  5. ~50% of ARR from large customers with significant expansion opportunity
  6. Rapid operating efficiency improvements with clear path to FCF+ and beyond

Link to investor day slide deck




The following provide insights re: digitally connecting operational assets in 2023 and beyond based on customer feedback.
An additional link lists the 240 current integrations from Samsara to outside digital ecosystems.

Samsara 2023 State of Connected Operations Report

“…monumental technological shifts are underway, from autonomous vehicles to alternative energies, robotics, and more. How are today’s leaders adapting to these technological advancements? How will this shape the operations workforce for years to come? And what new revenue streams are early adopters tapping into?

The 2023 State of Connected Operations Report explores findings from a survey of more than 1,500 physical operations leaders across the world: the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, and Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg). With this year’s report, we uncover how today’s leaders are navigating economic and geo-political unpredictability. Our findings indicate that organizations are continuing to connect their operations to increase revenue, empower employees, and remain resilient in the face of global uncertainty…”

Introducing the 2023 State of Connected Operations Report (

List of current Samsara integrations with external ecosystems
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