Samsung: Slowing demand for chips and smart phones

Samsung quarterly profit set to slump 25%, first decline in nearly three years.

"“Being the world’s top memory chip maker, top in TV and mobile OLED displays, and top in smartphone shipments, Samsung is highly sensitive to the economy, with profits easily linked to demand,” said Greg Roh, head of research at Hyundai Motor Securities.

“Prices of some DRAM memory chips, widely used in smartphones and PCs, tumbled 14% in the quarter while prices for NAND flash chips, used in data storage, fell 8%, according to TrendForce data.”


Hi Paul,
This looks like a slow down in the whole chip sector. Nvdia is having the same problem, and Amd just lowered their earnings also.



Possible dividend cuts coming.


AMD warned on falling demand too.

Amd is getting killed today. It’s still a good company, might be a chance to get in at a good price.


Shouldn’t declining chip demand mean an end to shortages in the auto industry. Auto chips might spend several months in distribution and sub-assembly stages. But dealer lots should be well stocked by year end.

We had a recent posting showing thousands of Ford trucks stored in Kentucky waiting for chips. They should be on dealer lots soon.

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