Sanctioned into oblivion!

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The analysis is ungrounded. More hyperbole than reality.

Yes to the ideas on other assets. But that has always been the case.

Oil is flowing out of Russia on the western cartel’s terms mostly.

China has a very hard time growing its heavy industry because of a lack of water resources. China’s endgame is entirely different than the article thinks.

Gold will have a very bad time of it in 2024. Right now is a good time for gold, and other things like BTC and Eth. I just bought $190 worth of Eth to get accepted into an Opensea program. Something had to be in my wallet.

I’ve just bought another 2oz of gold. I don’t know about gold in 2024 but a few currencies may well have a bad time before then.

That is the odd thing. The major currencies will be raising rates. Internally currencies may appreciate more as inflation into 2024 subsidies.

I am looking at self imposed deadlines for production and see the year as running quickly into mid summer from here. We be older young Divitias time will fly.