Saul Stocks - Historical PE Averages

Can anyone help me access data that shows the historical pe ratios for individual stocks over time? Perhaps you know of websites that can offer this data, or you may have a subscription to a service.

I’d like to run an analysis and share the data here on where many of the stocks discussed in this forum are in respect to their longer term pe average.

I think this would be useful to look into, considering we are in a period where companies may spend several years growing into their lofty PE’s (which I’m hypothesising are significantly higher than the average for companies with similar growth at different periods of time).

Any help finding sources would be appreciated.

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This link works but they don’t provide a search box so you have to type in the ticker symbol in the link

Denny Schlesinger

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I think this is what you need:

Good luck!

this link maybe useful…
It’s free…by now.



Thanks! As was also pointed out to me PE ratio may not be the best one to consider. I wonder if any sites display Market Cap to Sales (P/S) or Enterprise Value to Sales (EV/S) as well.

I could also build some kind of database to produce this charts too, if just the historical data was available.

Morningstar has a valuation tab with historical data like PE and PS to help in your research.

Check out the link for Nvidia, then scroll over to select valuation.

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